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March 02 2007

Katie Finneran of Wonderfalls joins Drive. Tim Minear brings more of his worlds together as he casts Katie Finneran of Wonderfalls and The Inside in Drive. She will play the sister of Alex Tully (Nathan Fillion's character).

My brother totally predicted this last week, ha! Kick ass :) She is great and it'll be fun to see her on the tube again. Is there an official source for this that can be linked? No offense,, I just didn't see a source for the news item.
Great news: she was excellent but underused in The Inside (and she will always be Poppy in Frasier to me).
How awesome is that.
Source is Tim on Buffistas, tis legit.
Spiffy :) Never doubted you, gossi!
Yeah, I forgot to credit some Kevin Beaumont dude with that news. Hmmm, sounds shifty to me. ;-)

The Tully Family: Amy Acker, Nathan Fillion, and now Katie Finneran. Could I love Drive any more than I already do? And it hasn't even been on yet! Oh, Tim, you had me at "cross country illegal road race." BTW, should we have a "category" for Drive, like we do for Wonderfalls, Cast&Crew, Fandom&Fun, etc.? Drive's just getting so Whedonversey, yo. :-)

Adored KF on both Wonderfalls and The Inside, and now I almost have to watch DRIVE. (As if I didn't have enough motivation before....)
Awesome! Now, if we could get Caroline Dhavernas too....
Awesome! My favorite Minearverse, but not-Whedonverse actor. The excitement builds...
This is so great!
It's going to be great to see this cast and show.
Was wondering when she'd show up. Yeah!
Just when I think I couldn't get more excited about Drive... :)!
This sounds just dreamy. :) We love Katie over here. Can't wait.
He should get Peter Coyote to play as the orginator of the race.
I love Katie Finneran so much that I am emerging from a self-imposed commenting hiatus to make a declarative 'Yesssss!' noise and pump my tiny-yet-expressive fist in the air. She's very cool.
make a declarative 'Yesssss!' noise and pump my tiny-yet-expressive fist in the air

I will so be stealing this, Mythtaken. As if you didn't already have the best name ever. ;-)
I agree, Drive becomes more and more interesting to me. And yeah, Pliny, I too would love to see Caroline Dhavernas in more shows - she's an amazing (and prettyful) actress.
Hee. Thanks billz - you're quite the wordster yourself!
*totally blushes* :-D
Woot! I cannot wait to watch this show.

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