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March 02 2007

Seth Green appears in "Ebony and Irony" on Daily Show. In yesterday night's show the Daily Show put together a film trailer for "Ebony and Irony" lampooning the recent Strom Thurmond-Al Sharpton news story. The trailer appears at the end of this video clip.

That whole segment was great. I especially loved when Jon consulted "involved person" Al Sharpton on the story.
Jon Stewart, savior of my sanity.
That. Was freakin hilarious! Not, you know, the whole My Pappy was owned by Your Pappy bit, but, um, yeah, the funny bits :)

We gotta get Jon Stewart in on a Joss-project, somehow...
Right there with you barboo, but I would have to amend it to read "Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, saviors of my sanity."

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