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March 02 2007

Kitchen Confidential coming to DVD May 22. Unfortunately, it looks like they'll be 4:3, unlike the 16:9 that Kitchen Confidential was shot and aired in.

If enough people pester Fox, maybe there's a chance they can change it. Would the discs already have been pressed? On average, how many weeks or months does that happen before a movie or series is released on DVD ?

If they've already got thousands of sets made up and ready to go for May, then forget it and you'll have to wait for the series on HD, if ever. But if not, there's still a chance to change Fox's mind if fans are loud enough.

I didn't watch the series on the air, but I'm curious about it due to many of the actors and because it's from Darren Starr.
I'm not sure how far ahead they press things, but given how abruptly some releases are outright canceled (a month or less before release) I'd think they may not be pressed yet, but that's just a 50/50 guess.

It's not the first time it's happened. How I Met Your Mother was shot 16:9 (for HD) and the DVDs are 4:3. Miracles was another one that comes to mind. What I find odd is that is seems to be happening MORE often now than a couple years ago. Just doesn't make sense being that there's a move to 16:9 TVs and the average person doesn't realize the difference anyway ... they'll gladly watch 16:9 stretched to "properly fill their screen" and not even see the distortion. Oh well, nothing surprises me when it comes to things that have "Fox" in them.

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