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March 02 2007

"Curse you and your evil witches!" Tara D'Arc's "Attack of the Gryphon" will be released in North America on DVD come April 3rd.

Now you can enjoy Amber Benson in chainmail, low budget CGI effects, and the immortal "He has soiled you with his seed!" anytime you like.

Maybe make the Whedon-connection clear on the main page. Who is Tara D'Arc?
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the SciFi Channel movie that was to painful to watch even to see Amber, even on mute this thing was barely watchable. I guess this is to balance the universe out for the new Special Edition Serenity DVD.

"Attack of the Gryphon, a fantasy filled sword and sorcery epic in the tradition of Lord of the Rings and Excalibur,"

With 1 major difference the other films were entertaining. I cannot believe someone put that piece of (something) in the same sentence as the other two.

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It was a load of cobblers but maybe when you see it languishing in a bargain bin you can take it home just for, as Shiai says, the immortal line "He has soiled you with his seed!" which is worth anybody's 1.99.
Tara D'Arc- it is Amber Benson (Tara) playing a Joan of Arc character, sort of, mainly because she wears chain mail more than anything. So, Tara D'Arc. Got it? :-)

But lord, much as I like Amber Benson this was just horrid. The CGI has to be seen to be believed, the actual Gryphon really has nothing to do with the movie, and is so bad that you can see the actors ducking like there is no tomorrow from the directing, and the story makes no sense, and the guy who plays the wizard is out of the Ed Wood school of acting. Even Amber phones it home, though you do get to see her naked back for a bit, and it is a nice back. But as for me, and I really actually mean this serilously, I think she needs to raise her profile a better way. Playboy comes to mind; it seems to be doing wonders for Mercedes McNab and it helped CC as well. Gee, my mind sure wandered OT here...
Well, all I can think of is that, if we are to be getting this many new links on Whedonesque per day... I need to free some more time to look at it all...
Dana5140 wrote
But lord, much as I like Amber Benson this was just horrid. The CGI has to be seen to be believed

Hmmm, sounds more like it has to be seen to be disbelieved.
Dana said it, CaptainB. "Tara D'Arc" was the tongue-in-cheek nickname coined here at 'esque.
"Tara D'Arc" was the tongue-in-cheek nickname coined here at 'esque.

By me *ahem*.

Well, all I can think of is that, if we are to be getting this many new links on Whedonesque per day.

Every so often we get a busy day, it was far worse in the run up to the release of Serenity.
And let's not forget that Benny from "LA Law" gets to be the bad guy in this and surpass (in badness, that is) even his role in "Darkman!" Calling this movie excremental gives excrement a bad name, but I have to say that Amber really did give it her all and actually made parts of the movie watchable.
I watched the original broadcast and concur with the general sentiments expressed above. What I was left with, however, were many more classic, stilted quotes reminiscent of what made Sir Alec Guiness squirm and feel shame after filming SW episode IV.

I'd still enjoy a list of memorable quotes. Sadly IMDB doesn't have any.
Dana5140; as if any of us who've known you at 3 other websites don't know the real reason you suggested a Playboy appearance. (points 1 index finger in Dana's direction, places other index finger across it and rubs it frontwards)

I am really sorry I'm a TV hodad...this sounds like a truly memorable experience which I regret not sharing with all you folks here in Webland.
Nooooo playboy for Amber, sheesh.
The "Stuff" photoshoot was borderline tasteful though.

I bet this TV movie sounded halfway decent on paper which is why Amber probably gave it a go. It's not her fault she wasn't more Scifi move-of-the-week savvy.
I agree, TaraLivesOn, regarding Playboy but I personally cannot bear to look at the Stuff photos. Amber in chainmail will do me fine.
While I would definitely buy the issue if Amber decided to do a sans-clothing shoot, I doubt we'll ever see it. She's pretty much a "family gal." A normal person in other words. A bit of a goof, but still in a fun way. She doesn't mind dropping the "f" word, but on the flip side she doesn't want to embarass her relatives. The "Stuff Shoot" is likely as far as she'll go.

In other words, Amber is a class-act. If anyone DESERVES to succeed in Hollywood, it would be her.

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