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March 03 2007

WonderCon'07: DarkHorse Panel. When exactly we'll see Buffy and Serenity comics, (the former later and the latter sooner, apparently)and more very small bits.

Bummer, I was looking forward to reading this this Wednesday. It feels like it should have been ready to ship months ago with all the previews we've gotten.

I didn't mean the "later" and "sooner" to be seen in relation to each other, but to when we expected them.
"it was confirmed that September would see the launch of a new Serenity series, Better Days, which will be trailed by new PVC figures of River, Jayne and Mal."

-To quote Tom Petty, "The waiting is the hardest part". I was hoping it would be more sooner than later! At least we've got the Special Edition of the BDM coming in July...
*Renews Happy Dance from two days ago*
Good to have a set date for 'Better Days' now--but, 'trailed' by PVC's? Those are supposed to be out in May.
Pity Buffy seems in line for the middle of the month now but we've waited this long, a couple of weeks either way's no biggie (though hopefully it's not a taste of things to come).

And the also eagerly anticipated 'Firefly' mini has been moved forward (or feels like it has anyway since 'September' feels earlier than 'sometime in autumn' even though September obviously is in the autumn).

(Telltale, maybe they're releasing the figures one a month ? So that they act as a "trailer" for the series - May, June, July for River, Jayne and Mal, skip a month, September ? Or even if they all come out in May, 4 months from "trailer" to product isn't that crazy, look at e.g. Spider-Man 3)
Ahh, set being the operative word. Oh well, it wasn't that beautiful a hypothesis and yours wasn't that ugly a fact ;).

(I suppose since they're coming out before the mini they are technically acting as a trailer, albeit the kind you might've forgotten about by the time the film arrives)
But the verb used was 'trailed'--as in followed--not trailered,' so I'm a bit worried the shipping date will slip.
Well, that's also correct usage. A film for instance can also be 'trailed' not just 'trailered' (in fact, 'trailed' is more common in my experience).

Personally I think if they meant 'trailed as in followed' they'd have said 'followed' (as in followed ;). You may well be right though, only time will tell.

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