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March 03 2007

(SPOILER) Five for Fridays- Runaways 101. Wizard offers 5 hints to help everyone get ready to read Joss' run on Runaways.

Doesn't seem to be the most accurate thing ever, though. Running is very much their thing as soon as Joss takes over.

Right, it's odd that 1. Just points to what BKV did (though Joss is higly likely to do the same, but I don't think he will). (4.) Joss' arc is about meeting the "mainstains" and (5.)running.
The latest issue of Runaways is fantastic. And the end of it shows that they are very clearly running again.

And anyone who hasn't read all forty-two episodes of Runaways should stay away from that article, which spoils most of them. If you need catch-up, the first three pages of #25 cover everything you need to know and more. You can get the three bargain-priced hardcovers, or the seven bargain-priced digests, or next month's condensed but still worthwhile Runaways Saga (featuring new material by C.B. Cebulski and Humberto Ramos - as told by Molly Hayes!).
The third hardcover isn't coming out until May, right?
JCS that seems way too soon, if it comes out in May, it would be 7 MAYBE 8 issues, when both the other hardcovers are 18 issues. I guess it could to just keep the BKV and Joss issues separate.

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Jcs, April 18th, actually.

Odysseus, the second and third hardcovers are both just twelve issues.
'The Hostel' wasn't the Runaways' parents' base was it? I thought that place was derelict when Chase found it. Anybody?
CATALYST2: it was one of the prides safehouses(one of many im assuming)

and i thought the first hardcover covered the 18 issues of vol 1 and the second hardcover was the first 12 issues of vol. 2, so that would make the thrid HC issues 13-24.

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A couple of things I could get picky about with that article. The last one says they're not Runaways any more, very much not true. They're still wanted for being underage, and now more so because of the superhero registration act. Also, it says they are not based in New York, but I was under the impression that they would be in Joss's run (unless it's just a temporary change of setting like last time).

For anyone wanting to get started on Runaways who can't afford all the comics to date, on the 21st of May the Runaways Saga comic is being released which will recap all the events up to now. That'll give you a much better view of what Runaways is all about than the article.
Hey chrome, I think the article was more referring to the fact that the kids had comfortably settled into their second "Hostel" after discovering one of their parent's safe houses. After that though what they did was still wildly illegal, they still had a home base. The same sort of applied to the first volume and that abandoned hotel that Chase originally found before it was destroyed, but then at least they were still running from their parents' conspiracy.

I'm assuming this article happened before they really knew any of the contents of #24.

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