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March 04 2007

Why Buffy Still Slays Us. Superfans Malene Arpe and Nikki Stafford on the 10th anniversary of Buffy on TV. Spoiler for one little bit about the comic book at the end.

(Ruadh, it is Malene, no r. )Yeah for big Toronto fans who write!
Nikki has done some great books on Buffy and Angel and Malene just keeps covering our 'verse whenever she can. I'm hoping she will be able to do something for our June 23rd Charity screening as well.
Thanks Lioness - I've corrected the spelling.

I really shouldn't do things early in the morning ;-)

Okay - I've corrected it again - I'm going back to bed now . . . .

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I did a piece on this awhile ago. Why do we love Buffy?

First, the story. A rightous babe blows into town only to discover it's infected with vamps and other vermin. "Oh No!" she said. While she was exiting stage left, a rather strange English fellow dropped in and said, "Stop right there, you have a mission to fulfill."

"I don't think so, you mistook me for someome else." Giles smiles. "You're the slayer."

Is that about right? I may have hung extra baggage in there somewhere. A weakness of mine.
I opened up the Toronto Star today and was greeted by a lovely full front page picture of the Issue 1 cover. I also find it highly amusing that the majority (90%) of "the Slayer's Legacy" on C5 are things I like.
Thanks for the great article.
Argh, not again, and not in this context: "...he famously said (after killing popular character Tara and facing the wrath of a lot of lesbian fans) he wants to give the audience what they need, not what they want."

But the onslaught on PR for the coming comic is going quite well, and is good to see.
Brisco, any way you could snap a pic and post it? I'd love to see how it was presented.
Yes,it's his 'verse, but unlike more than half of fictional universes, the Buffyverse has too much vitality. It incldues incidents of such high temporal potential that it will generate contrafactual but still legitimate histories parallel to itself.
I like to imagine some folks up in a space station or space ship one day, 100 or 200 years in the future, orbiting around Mars or a planet even further out in the Solar System. It's (whatever they call something similar to a DVD in that age) DVD hour and time for whatever Season of Buffy they happen to be watching. They don't have a regular TV but a built-in wall screen, just as good as small movie theatre. Afterwards, there is intense discussion, laughter, maybe even tears, depending on the episode. I can't imagine the show and everything it stands for, including Joss' sense of feminism and respect for women, not enduring. Maybe I'll reincarnate and be one of those women crew members, maybe even the Captain.
Tonya J, I love it .... the Buffyverse endures galactically. And there would be Fireflys. Smaller screens, but just as much intense discussion :) As long as the human condition endures, complete with our struggles with our inner demons, our courage and failings and our ongoing pursuit of "becoming", BtS will be relavent.

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