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March 04 2007

(SPOILER) Alternate Cover for Buffy #2. Georges Jeanty's penciled #2 cover has been revealed.

Thanks to buffycomic.

Why must you tempt me? I am only hu-man.
Hmmm. Well it is intriguing, I'll say that. Swords I can see, but what is with all the athletic footware? Are we sure this isn't an ad for Nike?
ive noticed a lot of artists doing the footwear thing... Terry Dodson too, artist of Wonder Woman, has all his characters in like the same styled athletic shoes
Well, people do wear athletic shoes to do athletic stuff like swing around swords and pile on the Slayer.

(Though, Buffy, of course, generally had more stylish footwear...)
Looking at these writers:

Joss Whedon (#1-5, and then some more later on)
Brian K Vaughan (#6-9)
Drew Goddard
Jeph Loeb
Brad Meltzer
Doug Petrie
Jane Espenson
Drew Z Greenburg
Steve DeKnight
and possibly Jim Krueger.

if they get four issues each - and maybe more - the series will run longer than the supposed twenty to thirty issues... you're looking at, more like, forty to fifty!!!
that's BEAUTIFUL. Joss' faith in Jeanty appears to be majorly justified.
Don't recall ever seeing the slayer in sneakers. I do have a personal preference for those stylish, yet affordable boots.
season four she wore sneakers several times, off the top of my head like in the Episode 'The Freshman'
then in Season Three, she wore sneakers a lot during her day time outfits, or else it was clogs instead, and looked much shorter because of it like in Anne or that episode where Spike kidnapped Xander and WIllow
So she did, buffycomics. I forgot. Kind of her younger look. Dawn had them on all the time, which I guess also kept her from towering over Buffy. Looks like she'll be towering over everyone for awhile.

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didn't all the cast wear slippers all the time their feet weren't on show? do I remember that right?
I just put in my order. I am psyched. Seriously psyched about this.

Though the sneaker thing...never noticed it. I mostly noticed the odd fashion choices other than the shoes.
if anyone is interested, there is an interview on this site with former Buffy Comic writer, Jim Pascoe, who explained why he and Tom Fassbender departed the series so suddenly after #46. The interview can be found at
That link doesn't work for me.
Ooh, Unplugged like.

I am very excited about all of this.
Reddygirl: just copy and paste the link then
I like the athletic footwear. I like all footwear that artists give female characters that don't include friggn' stiletto heels in action scenes. This is what one would call a pet peeve. :-)

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