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March 04 2007

Jubal's Early "audition" is on the Chiller channel for DirecTV users. Richard Brooks' highly entertaining-but-obscure series, Good Vs. Evil (or G vs. E) is being run on the new DirecTV/NBC/Universal CHILLER channel, 257 [in the US]. Great stuff for all Whedonistas! The channel is running Twin Peaks, American Gothic and a pretty great slate of flicks as well.

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I was actually flipping through the channels the other day and saw Richard Brooks on Law and Order. At least I think it was Law and Order. I don't know, I've never seen the show, not really my bag, but it's on like 8 hours a day so I'm assuming it was Law and Order.

Get this, I just checked his imdb page to confirm it was Law and Order and he's going to be in the pilot episode to Drive. Or is that the old pilot that isn't getting aired? Am I out of the loop on this one?

I've never seen Twin Peaks. I've got a copy of the dvd's and I want to but I'm not sure I'll be able to get over the early 90's production vibe. Plus David Lynch isn't really known for
War_machine, yeah, Richard Brooks has been cast in Drive. Don't recall if it was recurring or regular, but I do believe it's more than just the pilot. :-)
And not only that but his character's called 'Detective Ehrle' ;).
Like a lot of people I knew him from Law and Order before I saw Firefly. Interestingly enough, I was flipping through channels the other day and there he was on an old Diagnoses Murder with Dick Van Dyke. The weird thing was, unlike stumbling across super young DB Woodside and J August Richards in the Temptations recently, Richard Brooks looked almost the same. He seems to be another one that does not really age.
Thanks for this VerseRoamer! I didn't even know their was a "Chiller" channel. Just added it to my custom menu!
Aw, I don't get DirectTV. But Twin Peaks is certainly worth a look for anyone who does. :)

I first saw Richard Brooks on the great-but-cancelled Brimstone. I quickly recognized him years later on Firefly. He makes an impression!

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