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March 05 2007

Into The Black on Global National News! (Uh, that's some Canadian network, I think). Neat-o little piece on our favorite fan-film production. I'm salivating heavily, just so you know.

Yay, someone posted about us! Awesomeness.
You GO, ITB! Also congratulations to Zeppo, who appeared on this week's season finale ep of Psych! :-)
Ever so briefly, did I appear :)
The attitude of the woman that gave the intro seemed a little mocking (why is it that any main-stream coverage of cons or fan activities must do this??) But the main piece was pretty cool.

I really loved the set, it looks beautiful. I am definitely looking forward to the finished episode. Keep flying, guys!
Am I the only one who thinks "Global National News" is kind of a strange name. How can global news be national? Anyway, I'm looking forward to the release.

I had not seen the credits yet, and the bits shown were instantly recognizable as Firefly like, while still being unique.
Global TV is the name of the network.
And "The World Series" is an odd name for a baseball contest whose teams are all from the continental US...

(And yes, I do know that the name is from the newspaper that originally sponsored the series.)
It was wonderful to see our friends from ITB on a mainstream news story. And for a homegrown show, even the reporter commented on how professional it was coming along. (We already knew that!)

Loved, loved, loved seeing you guys on "TV".
The World Series includes teams from Canada. But I take your point.
Yes, the intro was a little mocking but of course that is standard. Any group that dresses up is open to ridicule of some sort or another. I'm a member of a serious historical group but once a year we like to get dressed up. That, rather than our historical research is what one newspaper chose to focus on when they wrote an article about us.
But great to see this promotion.
When the World Series started was anyone else in the world playing baseball? I mean if a game is only played in one place in the whole world and the best players from that place come together I should think it could be considered the world championship even without a newspaper name's tie-in. Of course times have changed.

Congrats Zeppo and congrats Into the Black folks.
Lioness, what happened there? You guys had such a strong team?

Back to topic, world news......ah, I'm out of ideas. Anyone else?

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