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March 05 2007

Badger on Battlestar Galactica NEXT WEEK. Mark Sheppard will guest star in next week's episode of Battlestar Galactica "The Son Also Rises."

Mark Sheppard will guest star in next week's episode of Battlestar Galactica "The Son Also Rises." He will also be in the two part season finale "The Crossroads."

Mark has new pics of his BSG appearances up at his MySpace, though if you've been keeping yourself spoiler-free as to his role, I wouldn't go visit.
He's in the next three episodes, not just next week, so be sure to watch. You'll all like his role.
He's in the next three episodes, not just next week, so be sure to watch. You'll all like his role.

I would gather that's why it says "He will also be in the two part season finale 'The Crossroads.'" ;)
Cool! More Jossverse alumni on my current obsessively adored show. I can't believe there are only three more episodes, especially after last night's knock-out.
I didn't discover BtS & AtS until they were in syndication, airing two shows a night, five nights a week. So I've never before been through the frustration of loving a show this much & having to wait a full week between eps, then feeling that each episode is so good, it should run for more than an hour. I'm going to be in major withdrals during the upcoming hiatus.
I don't want to spoil last night's episode but holy fraking hell.
Holy frakkin' hell, indeed, war_machine! But I am staying spoiler-free, so for the rest of this thread -- *closes eyes, covers ears and sings la la la la la la* ;-)
I agree, war_machine. Shame more recent eps haven't been this good. And I also think a certain ratings darling should be taking notes, even if it is a completely different genre.

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There's a tiny photo of Mark with Apollo in this week's TV Guide (in the section where they summarize the 'best shows' for each day of the week.
Is it Sunday yet??
I have to say - after last night's episode - I didn't much care what happened to anyone for a few hours - but having read the Chicago Tribune article on the finale - and from listening to the podcast ages ago with Mark and the others - I am really excited... But nervous - whats left to lose???

I don't think I want to know...

Edited to hide spoilery part - sorry I didnt know how to do that earlier - and forgot not everyone has seen Maelstrom yet :(

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WAJF: That's a bit spoilery! But I've seen it. Not happy. But a great ep!
I'm another Not-Happy watcher. Really, really Not-Happy.
I'm happy. I'm going with denial here.
I'm with ESG. I simply don't believe it.
There is absolutely no way that I mean And Ronald D. Moore (show-runner) is not so stupid as to No I guarantee you, but

The interesting part will be Did anyone else notice that


In any case, I think this season of BSG has been one of the most prestine television achievements in years, and I cannot wait to see how it ends.
My guess about Kara -
I agree, Rosewood.

BTW, is it still considered spoilers if it's aired in the US? Wasn't that the unwritten rule of W, if it's aired in the US, it's open? I mean, I have no problem with politeness blinvisibility, just wondering...
I'm dying to comment on this but don't know if I can figure out the "spoilery thingy". So far I haven't even figured out how to do quotes or italics, so lets see ..... OK, I don't get it, just computer illeterate here.

So I'll go with this: I agree with "rosewood", & I don't think it's denial, as someone else said. I think this show is so clever that the sure indication is how they've distracted you from the possibility by focusing on Kara's relationships with Sam and Lee.
And who could Deanna have been speaking to (a couple of eps back) when she saw the Final Five and said "You ... I'm sorry, I didn't know."? Another point .... Damn, what's his name, I want to say "Leopold". Kara's former captor becomes her "guide to the space between .....", (where Deanna was going when she was repeatedly commiting suicide them downloading).

I know one thing, if they leave us hanging re. this particular story point until after the break .... which I suspect they will do .... I'm going to be tearing my hair out. Worthy of Joss, these guys .... giving you what you need, rather than what you want. Which I've always interpreted as "serving the story, rather than catering to popular opinion". I definitely haven't ever been this emotionally involved with a show since BtS.
Is it Sunday yet???

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