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March 05 2007

Alexa Davalos guests on premiere of "Raines". Angel's Gwen Raiden appears in the first episode of the new Jeff Goldblum detective drama, "Raines", which premieres March 15 on NBC.

I don't find her credited on this site, but she appears in the preview video you can watch there. Verified through Alexa's IMDB page.

Damn. I wasn't going to watch this one. *sigh*

Ummm. I mean, good for Alexa.

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Jeff Goldblum has always been a favorite of mine. Love that quirky style of his. Spotted Alexa Davalos in the preview. Too bad they never took it further with Gwen & Angel - The sparks were just waiting to fly !
Maybe it'll be good. I think this is getting to be a genre, though. The quirky guy who does things strangely but gets the job done nonetheless.

But I'm being book-cover judgmental. I should watch first.
The whole 'maverick cop' thing has been a staple of detective shows forever and even 'quirky maverick' stretches back at least as far as 'Colombo' (probably even to Holmes or Poirot) but yeah there's been a spate recently of what you might call 'mental mavericks' ('Monk', 'Psych', the short lived but IMO promising 'Haunted' etc. I might even squeeze 'House' in there) i.e. detectives with 'issues' that make them maladjusted but also make them precisely suited to solving a particular sort of mystery.

Seems like they may have found a nice spin on it this time though (I really like the idea of intelligence/intuition so advanced that it seems supernatural - remember Fox 'Spooky' Mulder didn't get his nickname because of the stuff he was into, he got it because he was 'spooky' smart, seemingly pulling answers from nowhere. Always dug that idea).

Also, if you're looking for an actor to play eccentric but non-threatening you could do way worse than Jeff Goldblum (eccentric but threatening you probably want Nick Cage). Worth a look I reckon.

And well done Ms. Davalos, she impressed with what she did on 'Angel' short as it may have been. Also, not unpretty ;).
I saw a preview for this show on TV last night and it looks pretty good to me.
A little TruCalling-ish though in that dead people seem to talk to him.
Still, I like Goldblum. He's unique and interesting, even in the preview I liked him. I'll always have affection for anyone who was in "Earth Girls are Easy" which everyone should go watch if they haven't seen it.
Jim Carrey, Damon Wayons, Jeff Goldblum, Julie Brown, Geena Davis, Michael Mckeon, plus, its a musical!
Although I wouldn't have recognized Jeff just from his appearance last night, he's changed since I've seen him in anything.
From what little I've read, the dead people aren't actually communicating with him, and there's no supernatural element; he simply has an active imagination. His envisioning the victim is simply a tool he uses -- he works things out through a kind of back-and-forth with the victim in his head. The dead people don't provide him with information -- they don't know anything he does not.
I think it may be more subconscious (i.e involuntary) than that. From the 'About' section of the linked site:
Eccentric LAPD Detective Michael Raines (Goldblum) uses his unique imagination to focus on every murder case in such a way that the murder victims actually begin to take shape in front of him. At first, he thinks he's losing his mind, but he then uses the constantly evolving hallucinations -- which are figments of his imagination and not ghosts -- to help him discover the victims' killers. Raines struggles to accept this peculiar gift -- or burden -- and reconcile it with his daily life.
(my emphasis)

It's definitely not supernatural though (which I also like - supernatural mystery shows can be great but I think it's important to have a balance of shows that present a rational world view as well).
I am officially interested. I just hope I actually remember to watch it when it comes on.

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