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March 06 2007

Tooned-Up Buffy statue previews including preliminary sketches for Buffy and little "teaser" images of what may be the final designs for animated-style statues of Buffy, Willow and Caleb.

Those look really fun! I can't wait to see the final designs.
The pitch: Sarah Michelle Gellar meets Kim Possible.
Definitely what I was thinking, Pointy ;D
"The pitch: Sarah Michelle Gellar meets Kim Possible."

Nicely put! And they just so happen to be two things I am fond of.
So, is this just for laughs or is the show really going to happen? It's like they've been teasing us with this concept for several years....Joss? Any comments?
They're making these statues regardless of whether an animated series ever surfaces or not. (Previous Tooned-Up releases include series that have never had any hints of an animated version appearing.)
Just makes me long for the animated series which somehow never materialized, despite the immense popularity of Buffy. American network execs have no f***ing clue. It's a wonder they can make any money at all.

Personally, if an animated series ever lights up the tiny screen, I hope Joss and Co. start with Season 9 (or Season 8 if they redo the upcoming comic book line). And for me, since I'm relating my own delusions here, I'll add the very satisfying return of Tara McClay. Hey, I'm a hopeless romantic. :)

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