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March 06 2007

The tax man solveth. The first six episodes of Jane Espenson's new gig, Andy Barker P.I., are now available to watch on NBC's web site. (U.S. only)

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Six full episodes of a show that hasn't premiered yet? Your 21st century media distribution paradigms frighten and confuse me!
In other Jane Espenson news, when I talked to her at Wondercon, she said her first two scripts for Battlestar Galactica were successful enough that they've just hired her as a full-time writer!
Still no official word on Jane joining the BSG writing staff full time? The news was leaked days ago.
I am also confused by the early appearance of 6 episodes. Does this move convey an aura of some sort of panic?
I don't think so. Fox did the same thing with its new sitcom, The Winner.
and I can't watch them because I'm based outside the US. It'd be nice if this could be noted in the header.
NBC is so tickled with how well The Office and Heroes does online, they're trying to build up viewership for Andy Barker, P.I. by tapping into the Internet and stirring up interest. It makes you wonder how far off we are from pay-per-view series that either air only in part for free on the network, or else are strictly online.
You got it, daylight.
Hah! Doublemeat Enterprises. Funny show. Buffy references. Win-win.
Hmm... that's cool and all, but unless it's an EXCELLENT show, am I really going to bother to tune in once it's actually being broadcast if I've already seen the first six episodes? It seems like it will be annoying that once it actually premiers, I'll have to wait 6 weeks for a new episode, doesn't it?

(ooh.. the episode titles are puns on film noir films! That bodes well!)

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I watched the first ep last night, and I'll definitely watch the rest while I'm waiting for Veronica and my Heroes to return. I didn't notice any Buffy refs in the pilot - were there any?

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