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March 06 2007

The official Drive web site. Now with actual content!

A few things still say "coming soon," but the site has been updated to include show info, interactive bits like polls and games, videos, a photo gallery, etc.

Plus a three minute trailer here.

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I'm relieved. I was afraid Nathan Fillion would be wearing a big fuzzy blue plushie suit for his Tully character.

Edit- Oops! That was Sully. Nevermind!

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Amy Acker is in this right as I can't see her mentioned anywhere.
Yes indeedy.

In fact, word on the street is that she and Nathan are the CUTEST THING EVER together.
Two-night 3 hour premier? Did we know this before?
Nathan and Amy would look cute together. I'm shipping them already. Er, the characters I mean.
Um, jackel, do you mean this here? Here ? Because you linked to a short promo.
Out of Context Theatre



napua: "Nathan Fillion would be wearing a big fuzzy blue plushie suit"

Derf: "Amy Acker is"

Allyson: "word on the street is that she and Nathan are"

electricspacegirl: "I'm shipping them already"

April 15. Well, that sweetens tax day in the U.S.
I did, kurya. I suck. I'll go back and change it.
Well, I can't wait! Especially since my taxes are done!

March - Buffy. April - Drive. What will May bring...?
May - cancellation.

Just kidding!!!

I hope.

Am I the only one who's getting sick of the phrase "illegal cross-country road race," though? How about "illegal interstate race" or "underground cross-country race" or, you know, anything but repeating the same phrase over and over again?
Septimus, if you are getting sick of it then marketing is doing its job. I will willingly be completely sick of the phrase it it means everyone and their dog will watch the show.
Also, because i'm pre-coffee (and pedantic at the best of times ;) 'interstate' and 'cross-country' aren't the same thing (nor, necessarily, are 'illegal' and 'underground').

Her complete absence from the site seems to suggest that Amy Acker's part will be small, at least to start with. Pity if true, the more she's onscreen the better IMO.

Still, looking good, everything I see about the show just makes it more and more interesting.
I'm getting really excited about this show. A "two night, three hour premier". Imagine if they'd promoted Firefly like that.
Depends Shey. If Fox had made the two-night premiere a Friday/Saturday thing, it likely still would've crashed and burned just as hard. We'll never know.

You're right though, if Fox had promoted it as well as they're doing for Drive--hell if they'd had more confidence in it--it may have done better or at least attracted more of a start-up audience from the get-go, even if the Nielsen families among them did drop off and still result in getting the show cancelled by Xmas.

Sorry, being a downer again. Long live Drive--may it be the first Tim Minear-helmed new series to last longer than a season or two.

I'm not sure if I'm checking it out as it airs yet, might just wait for the DVDs. Burned by Fox on Firefly, Wonderfalls, and The Inside, it gets to ya eventually, y'know ? I don't spend enough time online lately that I can delude myself into thinking that I'll participate enough in online forums other than this one with the result being that some positive words I offer about Drive might inspire a Nielsen-box-owning person to watch it and up the I don't think it hurts to skip the aired version this time.
At least Fox keeps giving Tim a chance.
Kris, if you watch, we promise we won't tell Fox! :D

I understand how you feel....Firefly, Wonderfalls, The Inside....hard not to get your heart broken, isn't it?

Just remember what Cory Bridges, from Multiverse said once:
"....for Browncoats, the premature cancellation of something they love is just a speedbump, not a roadblock."

Drive does look like a shiny show. I'll be there!
I'm happy to see promotional energy Fox is putting behind this show.

Maybe for some creative cross-marketing, they can have Kentucky Fried Chicken make a special edition Drive chicken bucket lid for people to use as a steering wheel in their car. After all, Nathan had one ...

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I'm relieved. I was afraid Nathan Fillion would be wearing a big fuzzy blue plushie suit for his Tully character.

I have a cat named Tully, so I was afraid he might be black and fuzzy. And kind of dumb.

In other news, content is good. And yes it is the end of the day, I am slap happy, but as my TV options narrow evermore I'm really looking forward to this. IN the meantime with no new 'Bones' or 'Veronica Mars' for weeks to come I'm going to check into this "real life" thing I keep hearing so much about. I'm hoping it's not overrated.

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jenofthejungle wrote on March 07, 00:53 CET
March - Buffy. April - Drive. What will May bring...?

Over on the Appreciatin' Nathan thread on , we've declared April Nathan Fillion month because of Drive, Waitress and possible White Noise: The Light releases

On what will May... bring,

May 2007
Firefly: The Official Companion Volume 2

June 2007
Serenity Charity Screenings Fans arranging screenings for charity around the world around Joss Whedon's birthday for current list of cities see

July 2007
Serenity Special Edition July 2007 2 discs

What will August bring?

September 2007
Serenity: Better Days comic

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