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March 06 2007

Newsarama on WonderCon's 'Gender and Genre' Panel. Pretty much what it says. Newsarama's coverage of the panel brought to WonderCon by the California Browncoats and Equality Now, featuring Jane Espenson.

That's great! I'm glad to see it getting some coverage. I had to work the table during the panel, so I can't wait to see the video.
I wrote something about it on my website. It was pretty interesting. Some of the audience talked about how Buffy and Willow have been portrayed over the years. I got in a question about Niki's development on "Heroes", and how her "strength" was held back because it was dangerous.
Jane & Pia were both such amazing, gracious, articulate and insightful guests -- we can't thank them enough!!!

Thanks to everyone who submitted and asked questions as well. And everyone who attended (standing room only!). We are utterly ecstatic about how the whole thing turned out.

lexigeek - your promo art wasn't too bad either. :P
I was so sorry to miss this panel, I'm happy to be able to read something about what was said. It is interesting to me that a similar panel took place before 'Gender and Genre' (that is such a good title) it shows that this subject is getting attention. In Brian K. Vaughan's talk on Friday night he said that the first time he saw Pia Guerra's art work he said 'We have to get this guy to work on 'Y the Last Man', obviously art work and writing are not gender specific and it is exciting to see more women in the sci-fi universe.
Jane E's comments were insightful, as always. And I loved that they brought Battlestar Galactia into the mix, because this show has the best gender-bender/gender neutral underpinnings since BtS. With the added plus that it brings a really mature woman into the mix as a very sexy, obviously sexual human being.
One thing that frustrates Espenson about the television writing business, and it is something she sees less of, is the idea the women on staff should have to write the “softer” episodes of the series.

OMG! This was one of my questions! I don't know whether someone was thinking along the same lines as me, or if the Cali Browncoats took some of the questions from Whedonesque, but I'm so glad to see an answer to something I was curious about! I'm sad that the answer was "yes, women do get given the softer eps to write" (but yay that's it less now, our Jane says). And someday, my question won't be necessary anymore! ;-)
billz, yes we read your exact question out loud - even credited you. thanks for the input!!!
Yeah billz. Good question. Can I have your autograph?

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