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March 06 2007

The 10th anniversary of Buffy - Some public service announcements. Allyson Beatrice will reading from her book "Will The Vampire People Please Leave The Lobby" on the 10th of March in Los Angeles. This will be followed by a showing of "In Real Life", a documentary about The Bronze community. In somewhat related Buffy literary news, Jennifer Ouellette will speaking about her book "The Physics of the Buffyverse" on the 11th at Caltech University.

If anyone else is doing anything on the 10th or thereabouts to mark the 10th anniversary of Buffy, please do post about it the comments sections. Even if you're like making a cake.

Well, my website has a "logo" on the home page to observe the milestone. I also plan to see the first show and the movie on which it is based. I would write an essay to compare and contrast, but I also have that in my website.
I also plan to wear a "Welcome to Sunnydale" T-shirt, and toast a beer (not Black Frost Beer, since it's not available where I live for some reason) to Joss. I think old posters from the Bronze Beta will also share war stories in Buffy fandom. Maybe I'll listen to my CD recording of the last Succubus Club episode, too.
What I want to know is how come FX or even Fox Video isn't observing this milestone. Well, at least we will.
As for making a cake, wouldn't baking cookies be better? That's what Willow did in "Something Blue" because her magic went awry.

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wouldn't baking cookies be better?

Haven't you seen 'Ted'? Cakes are safer.
Oh, that's right. Forgot about that.
yay, Allyson!
Well the Hollywood Walk of Fame effort for Joss are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Buffy by having a special giveaway, running from March 1st until March 10th. Anyone who donates $10US toward the effort until the 10th will be automatically be entered to get 1 out of the 10 autograph photos of the man himself, that he has signed on our behalf.

If anyone wants more info you can find it on the donation page.

Winners will be announced on March 12th, here.

Hopefully, I'll have my other system up by then to announce the Feb raffle winners. Gorramit I hate power outages, screwed up my system. :P
I am having a Buffy Potluck in Austin TX on March 10. If you are in the Austin area, email me for details:

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The Bronze Beta is asking in a friendly way for any former posters there or at the various WB and pre-WB Bronzes to drop by anytime local Saturday. LEt soem old friends who still do hang there what's been up lately! Of course newbies are always welcome too :-).
I'd've tried posting this as an actual story but there's no stable site for the invitation.
Re. "how come FX or even Fox video aren't observing this milestone"? Umm, because they're still totally clueless? I would expect at least a BtS marathon on FX. I just wish I had at least one Buffy fanatic friend here in my little rural neck of the woods, to share a celebration with. Just telling anyone I know that I consider it an occasion worthy of celebreting would bring about the usual "you know, you are completely insane" looks & comments.
Maybe I'll bake a cake & have a solitary celebration watching "Welcome To The Hellmouth". It isn't easy being .... what's the color for "smarter than everyone else I know"? Ok, that was bad. :)
That's the night of an awards banquet I can't make (though I'm up for one of the awards), so some friends and I are having a party anyway--I think we definitely need to add some Buffy episodes to the movie line-up. ;-) And I'm totally going to make sure that any beer I drink is of the foamy variety. And I'm baking cookies. Mmmm, cookies!
Wow did THIS sneak up on me. I'll bake my famous Toll House Unburned Cookies, watch all my favorite episodes, possibly have some friends over.

10 years, Holy Hellmouth. I never even saw it when it was on the air, and I STILL feel old...
I plan on watching the first and last episodes and looking at old PBP pictures and crying a lot. Sigh...
Sigh, cookies...too bad I'ven't had access to a kitchen since I first came up with the idea for Tara Cookies because I so want to experiemnt until I find the correct recipe. I mean, I'm sure oatmeal coconut white hcocolate chopped pecans and dried cherries will make a good combo but the proportions and baking time....
There'll be something roasted in the mix. and a few friends. I invited a few friends over, but most of'em are busy. fracking friends. if all else fails, I'll have a doug petrie-marathon lonesome by myself with some apple juice and oreo cookies.
(what is it with whedonesquers and cookies. normally I hate cookies, but buffy and them... they work well together)

p.s. who's going to have eggplant- or peanutbutter & salami-sandwiches?

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My daughters who were fans long before, me both have an elsewhere to be. We had a Buffy food themed party for the finale, y'know, shrimp, pizza, cookies and some really red punch. And now I know that Idon't even have to finish baking the cookies. Or maybe I'll just make pancakes in shapes, or peanut butter and banana quesadillas. Or...wait, what was the question?
What, no stake steak?

We'll probably have said steak, something garlicky, maybe some m'cookies.

It would probably be uncool to eat bunnies, wouldn't it? Or anything gotten out of a quaint little shopgirl...
Oooh, thinking about it some more, I realized I do have a horribly ill-behaved little kitten in my household...I think we'll have to play some kitten poker! ;-)
Well, satrt off with Anya's Quick and Easy Mushroom Appetizer, then Willow's Wickedly Weliable Woast Beast. Or alternatively Buffy's High-Kickin' Legs o' Chicken with Sam Zabuto's Microwave Veegtables and Ramen Noodles. Or Mr. Pointy's Two-sided Steak with JEnny's Tehcnologically Savvy Mashed Potatoes.Or for the less carnivorous include some tofu and chickpeas and green peas in Tara's Brown Rice and Vegetable Stir-fry. With a nice salad of course. Or for a really chilly night a nice bowl of Bubbe Rosenberg's Dark-MEat Lover's Chicken Soup.
For dessert I guess we could have some Caridad's Orange Cookie Bread Jumble.

All except the salad are recipes of mine from the Bronzer Cookbook. (shameless plug)
You guys are forgetting cheese slices! And a Doublemeat Medly Burger. To which, can I just say .... ewwwwwwwww. Vegetarian here, ergo the extra long "ewww". And I would suggest everyone speak in nothing but Buffyspeak for 24 hours. Hey, it's Saturday and lots of people will be not with the working, so not so much with the getting fired for having gone completely sack 'a hammers.

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I once had Burger King prepare a version of the EMdley for me..not bad
But Shey- the Doublemeat Medley WAS veggie, remember!?!? Hee...

I can make my "Spiked and Dusted" cake (it's really my mom's Kentucky butter cake which has bourbon in it and powdered sugar on top ;-)... but I have no one to eat it with. Sigh... I miss my Bronzer buds. :-(
OMG. I have eaten at Chez OzLady's place. Plantains!

Fantastic cook.
OMG OzLady, you're right. The Doublemeat Medly *was* vegetarian!
Hee! Thanks, Allyson! Few things I love more than cooking for an appreciative guest! :-D

And Shey, the ONLY reason I remember that is because that episode was on last week. :-)

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