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March 07 2007

Help Browncoat Theater Owners. Poor theater owners want to screen Serenity or even Buffy the Musical but they don't know how to reach the fans. It is a crying shame. "Honestly. There could be tears."

So if you know any Browncoat or potential Browncoat theater owners, tell them they can announce Serenity screenings by going to the Other Screenings section of the CSTS website.

And if they need to find a bunch of Whedon fans in their area, go to or

I had to post a comment because I felt sorry for this lonely little thread. Thanks for that Anonymous1, and thanks to Can't Stop the Serenity. If there was another Browncoat on this entire island, I'd give it a try.
Shey wrote on March 08, 00:50 CET
If there was another Browncoat on this entire island, I'd give it a try.

Which island are you on? There is a Browncoat trying to arrange a Charity Serenity Screening on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
Sorry Anonymous1, I'm on the "Big Island", official name "The Island of Hawaii". It would be a very long swim, about 200 miles, as I live on the windward (Hilo) side. I hope they work it out for a screening on Oahu.

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