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March 07 2007

More 10th Anniversary Buffy celebrations. Some more Buffy events for March 10th. If you live in Austin TX or thereabouts, the Alamo Drafthouse is showing an episode from each season and there's a 'Once More With Feeling' singalong as well (there's a breakfast buffet too!). Those in the Santa Cruz area of California might want to check out the Buffy Marathon at the Del Mar theatre.

Which begs the question, if you had to choose an episode from each season of Buffy to show at a Buffy party which ones would you go for?

Season 1 - Welcome to the Hellmouth (To start it off you start at the begining)
Season 2 - Becoming 1 & 2
Season 3 - Anne
Season 4 - The Harsh Light of Day
Season 5 - The Body & Family (I couldn't choose)
Season 6 - OMWF
Season 7 - Chosen (You end with the the ending)

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If you can only show 1 episode per season, you can only cover so many arcs. I would've focussed on the most central arc of the series

Season 1 - Angel
Season 2 - Passion
Season 3 - Amends
Season 4 - Pangs
Season 5 - Forever
Season 6 - Once More with Feeling
Season 7 - Chosen
Yeah, me too:

Season 1 -
Season 2 - School Hard
Season 3 - Lover's Walk
Season 4 - Something Blue
Season 5 - Fool for Love
Season 6 - Once More With Feeling
Season 7 - Chosen

Totally, totally kidding ;-).

Given that you can't really properly cover any of the numerous important arcs and that it's a Buffy party and so presumably largely for Buffy fans (i.e. not 'Intro to Buffy' or similar) i'd probably just pick some decent stand-alones plus OMWF for the sing-along potential.

Season 1 - The Puppet Show
Season 2 - Lie to Me
Season 3 - The Zeppo (or Amends or The Prom - yep, i'm a big sap ;)
Season 4 - Hush
Season 5 - Checkpoint
Season 6 - Once More With Feeling/Tabula Rasa
Season 7 - Chosen (OK, not really stand-alone but ish and it seems appropriate)
...Santa Cruz not being quite as close to Austin, TX. IOW, The "Left Coast", not "South America."

And full of California Browncoats, I might add.
There's a breakfast Buffy?
ba dum dum ! ;)
How about a "That Ain't Right..." Buffy theme party?

Season 1 - Nightmares
Season 2 - Halloween
Season 3 - Band Candy
Season 4 - Superstar
Season 5 - Intervention
Season 6 - Tabula Rasa
Season 7 - Storyteller

(I avoided OMWF to be a little different :p)

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1. Prophecy Girl
2. Passion
3. The Wish
4. Restless
5. The Gift
6. Once More with Feeling
7. Chosen

The perfect Buffy line-up.
1 Prophecy Girl
2 Becoming
3 Graduation Day
4 Primeval
5 The Gift
6 Life Serial
7 Chosen

This is the "Slayer arc" version. There could also be a clever/hilarious list. Life Serial goes on both.

Making this I realized, a list of every season finale works pretty well too.

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Hmmm... one from each season. Cool idea... and tough to choose...

S1: "Welcome to the Hellmouth"
S2: "Passion" (or, if I can get away with a two-parter, "Becoming")
S3: "Doppelgangland"
S4: "Restless"
S5: "Fool for Love"
S6: "Once More, With Feeling"
S7: "Chosen"

There should be 'themed' one-ep per season groups too. Like one funny ep from each season, or one Willow ep per season, one uber dark episode from each season, etc. There's so many fun combinations of Buffy eps to try still!

Note: none of these lists would be good for newbies. My general rule is to show no more than one spoiler-heavy episode to newbies before starting from someplace early on, whether that's S1 or "School Hard" (my preferred starting point for newbies).
I'm counting two parters as one episode.

season 1-Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest
season 2-Becoming Parts 1 and 2
season 3-Earshot
season 4-Hush
season 5-The Body
season 6-Once More With Feeling
season 7-Conversations With Dead People
This is always a fun exercise, my favorite are always the same:
Season 1: The Pack (I gotta love the dodge ball game)
season 2: Passion
season 3: Doppelgangland
season 4: Restless (this is my favorite season)
season 5: Crush
season 6: Once More With Feeling (of course)
season 7: Dirty Girls (because of Faith killing the Vulcan)
But all lists are pointless, the worst episodes are better than anything you ever find on television.
Season 1: The Pack
Season 2: Innocence (or I Only Have Eyes for You)
Season 3: Helpless
Season 4: Restless
Season 5: Fool for Love
Season 6: Normal Again
Season 7: Conversations with Dead People

Things can never be too dark for me.
Bloody hell, this is asking me to name my top 5 Sinatra albums or top 10 Simpsons matter what you do, you're leaving out so many brilliant episodes.

Season 1--Prophesy Girl is my favorite, but that leaves out the brilliant WTTH/TH and The Pack and Angel.

Two--Passion, but what about Becoming(s), not to mention When She Was Bad, I Only Have Eyes for You, Surprise, Innocence, etc.

Three: Graduation Day(s), but what about The Prom, one of the best episodes ever!

Four: Hush, duh...but, um, Restless, anybody?

Five: The Body, maybe one of the finest hours of TV ever, but, well, The Gift? And many, many more from what is my personal favorite season.

Six: Well, here's the biggest conundrum: OMWF, in fact, IS the finest hour of TV ever. But what do you do with Normal Again? Which is flat out brilliant. And, Dead Things.

Seven: Have to go with Conversations with Dead People, but Chosen was sublime, and Storyteller just took things to a weird new level. And the thing just got tied up so perfectly, it was amazing.

Okay, I'm sick, but it's a divine malady.
Oh Yay!!!! I love this, thank you Simon .... using two-parter's because noone said not to.

season 1: Welcome to the Hellmouth/Harvest
For the best series setup in the history of TV
season 2: Passion
season 3: Doppelgangland
season 4: Restless (honorable mention to Hush)
This was *really* hard, this is my 2nd favorite season
season 5: Fool For Love
season 6: Dead Things and OMWF
I know, but I couldn't choose, because
the brilliance of DT is so overlooked. And this is
my favorite season.
season 7: Sleeper/Never Leave Me
Again, I know .... not a two parter, but should
have been. Or, so say I :)

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Season 1: Prophecy Girl
Season 2: Innocence
Season 3: Graduation Day
Season 4: Hush
Season 5: The Gift
Season 6: Once More With Feeling
Season 7: Chosen

And that's basically the whole series in seven episodes ;-)
my buffy-party-line-up (if I'm not alone to do the doug-petrie-marathon):

s1: teacher's pet (camp for everyone)
s2: halloween or ted
s3: doppelgangland (the zeppo)
s4: a new man
s5: crush (I'm gonna stake you, I'm gonna stake you...)
s6: normal again
s7: storyteller or (same time same place or selfless)

cause everybody had already watched omwf twice and hush too. and the power of the finale comes from the entire season....
Not only do I live in Austin but the Alamo location is right down the street from my house! But I already had plans to go out of town. Drat. I don't know what eps to pick. I like the idea of worst eps just to show off that even they are better than the "best" of TV nowadays. I really want a Spike theme 'cuz I wanna be like Spike. I'm a Zander btw according to the personality tests. I'm a Doug Petrie fan and a Jane Esp fan and a Willow fan and a fan of everyone on the show. Yes, Chris inVirginia it is a divine malady.

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