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March 07 2007

(SPOILER) Jeph Loeb gives props to Joss. Huge spoilers for this week of comics in this interview which mainly focuses on Marvel's Fallen Son mini-series.

Loeb: I do want to take a moment to thank Joss Whedon, Cass' partner on Astonishing, who helped move things around in the schedule so Cass could this. Joss in the man. Or, an even higher compliment (for Joss) would be to say he's the wo-man! [laughs]

I came here to post this. I can't believe the "wo-man" thing. Can't even more believe that Cap is dead. It was a great issue, though.
When Joe Quesada said Joss' Civil War ending hadn't been played out in full in #7, was he referring to the events of Captain America #25?

ETA: I tweaked the headline to make it more relevant for the front page.
It would be kind of funny if Joss walked into a meeting, told them basically to kill off Cap and then walked out.
Loeb isn't saying that Astonishing has been delayed so Cassaday could do Fallen Son, is he?
"Ye of little faithfan" (LOL): I think he just did.

And may I just say, agreeing with CaptainB, what a great issue that was! Brubaker has really done fantastic stuff on his title with whatever Marvel has thrown at him because of this crappy event.
OT, but every time I glance at this headline on the front page, I think it says "Jeph Loeb proposes to Joss". Which, who wouldn't if they had the chance, yo? ;-)
I love how the Captain America/Civil War story gets translated into New York Times-ese. Example: "The registration act polarized the superhero community." Um, guys, I think the correct term is "empowered Americans."

So, did Jeph Loeb give Joss the heads up to push Buffy issue one back a week so it wouldn't be overshadowed by this?
Buffy #1 was pushed back a week due to printing errors (according to informed sources).
Heh, I'm pretty sure that Pointy is joking.
Thank you, theyarescientists. I am joking, but not only joking.

I saw the "printing errors" posts, Simon, but now I'm wondering if someone let Dark Horse or Joss know that this was one of the few weeks this year in which Buffy issue one would not be the biggest news in the comic world. "Printing errors" could be the comic book equivalent of "my dog ate my homework" or "I never got that e-mail." (And by the bye, it would have been pretty ironic, wouldn't it, if Joss's debut was overshadowed by a spectacular character death.)

[ edited by Pointy on 2007-03-08 17:12 ]
I think the best way to have marketed this book was to have sold it this week. There were already a bunch of non-regulars in my comic store and captain america 25 was sold out by noon at the story I go to. It's possible that some of those same people might have been enticed to buy Buffy #1 if instructed by the comic book guys.
Hm, I think that it's possible that when (or if) people remember that Captain America is dead, they might be turning up for the reprints when Buffy is available. I assume that the really curious if any would turn up once disappointed and maybe pick something else up at random, then maybe purchase more on a second return trip.

(I sort of hope that the media would turn all the attention towards an iconic fictional character's death rather than prying into a C-list celebrity's personal life/death and maybe keep the buzz up.)

It's sort of weird though, while Brubaker's awesome and did a good job from what I've seen, I still sort of see it like Buffy where I never believe she's actually dead. In both cases I'm just curious how they get out of that problem. (I'm still convinced that's the case for Steve despite evidence to the contrary.)
Well it was a big week for Marvel not just in terms of what happened for Captain America. Mighty Avengers and Civil War: The Initiative both came out (top reads btw). They must have sold by the bucket load.
Yeah, also dark tower #2.

I think it's possible Joe Q basically forces his bullpen to throw props (or to propose) to Joss as much as possible in the news, in hopes that he will come back for more. Hell, that's the entire reason exists, so that we can feed joss' ego to make more amazing stuff.

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