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March 07 2007

C-Note: March Edition. suggests that some of your comic money this month goes to buying Buffy #1. Duh.

Thanks for the post. Thats a nice site. I was looking around for over an hour.

I was disappointed today when I stormed the doors of my comic shop to find that instead of seeing stacks of Buffy goodness, they had a sign which explained that they pushed back the release date by a week and there were no preview copies from Dark Horse.

I dont want to wait another week.
I'm also confused about the release date because I thought it was pushed back to the 14th but I've been seeing reviews popping up all over LJ today.
It was moved back? Man I thought I was going nuts. I was so hyped for it today. Found it wasn't out. Checked the shipping lists and it was on next weeks. I thought I imagined it being due out today lol.
TFAW is now saying they won't ship until 3/21. :(
Tamarac, It's still going to be in shops next week. They just only ship weekly's twice a month. (to save people money on shipping) suggests that some of your comic money this month goes to buying Buffy #1.

Well, since they've suggested it ... ;)

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