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March 07 2007

Browncoat Cruise wants the Ariel Ambulance. I wonder if the boat has a hoverpad or cargo bay.

Also the Phoenix and Tucson, AZ Serenity Charity Serenity Screening organizers want the Ambulance too. Good thing it is on a different date.

Was hoping Big Darn Heroes would show up at the charity screenings someyear...and Austin, TX is working on having Adam Baldwin show up this year. But didn't think of having a giant prop show up. Whoo-hoo!

hehe, obviously they cant bring it onto the ship.... I am sure there are probably a million piles of paperwork to fill out before that can happen. I saw though they may bring it to san diego.
I would love to see the ship in person if possible.
...working on having Adam Baldwin show up this year...

Lots of people in various cities are working on having any number people present this year. And while I, of all people, don't want to clamp down on any ramped up excitement as we roll towards the charity screening, everyone out there reading needs to be sure to remember that no screening has any special guests or guarantee of special guests until and unless they have actually announced them.

Anything less than that doesn't mean much.
Hmmm... I'll pass this on when I get home from work...

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Hmmm.... Secret compartment.... stowaway.... wheels are turning...

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