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March 08 2007

Timless in San Francisco. Allyson Beatrice's amusing report on the Wondercon "Drive" panel.

Great blog. I love that Allyson is getting linked here. Her perspective is always funny and refreshing. I feel like I was there.
I think I will have to add Allyson's book to my wish list. This blog was both hi-larious, and, like TamaraC says, makes me feel like I was there. I continue not being able to wait for Drive to premiere! :-)
It's on my wishlist. Does anyone know the release date?
My Amazon order tells me it will be shipped 9/5.
TamaraC, is that in American (i.e. 5th of September) or civilised UK (i.e. 9th of May) ? ;)

Nice report, making with the funny. Clearly Tim needs to learn to multi-task, I mean two places at once ? Not that hard. OK, with yodelling is more of a challenge, granted.

Wonder if either of those two folks'll ever get their book ?
Too bad I missed her. I think I spent too much time in the Esplanade, but I did order her book, though
There are cars! And driving fast! Which means my husband will probably want to watch this, Nathan Fillion or not. I hope it's really good. Tim M., don't let me down!
Aw, Nathan can make toddlers laugh. But then anyone who puts up a picture of 2 little girls getting the better of him obviously likes kids.
If only I was younger.....
Saje - I know at least one of the two did - he stopped by the browncoat booth later to show it to us.
Saje, I only speak in American. :) So it's September 5th.
Ah, thanks to you both (if 'Drive' was an illegal cross-country author hunt that guy'd be in like Flynn ;).

And boo, 5th September is way longer away.
Hee, that was cute. And now I want some fruit snacks.
The DriveFans website now has a more detailed report on this panel up, from Polter-Cow. Excellent details and much with the humor, Polter-Cow! :-)

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