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March 08 2007

Michelle Trachtenberg gets lead in ABC pilot. The still untitled comedy project will be set in Washington, DC.

The move to a network series surprises me. I thought that Michelle was focusing primarily on films now (both indy and mainstream), with occasional forays into telefilms and TV guest spots, but a sitcom will be the focus of her time and talent for a good nine months of the year now. I can only guess the project was too good to pass up. Good luck to her, I hope it's picked up. It would be nice to see MT on the small screen again on a weekly basis.
Also, Shiai, I guess if there is an offer to star in something as the lead, that's pretty hard to turn down! ;-)
Hmm - I realize that this is early in the Pilot process, but from the short blurb it sounds like she's the love interest of the lead character. Maybe it'll be more than that, given that she's playing the Juliet part of the Aide's boss' rivalry with her father. On the other hand, if it is a smaller or more periodic role, that might allow her to keep her options open for movie and other roles.

Either way, good to hear that she's out there and actively being considered for big roles. Making the transition from teen actor to more adult roles is very, very hard for anyone, and Hollywood is littered, literally, with people who didn't make the transition.
Am I a bad person to have read that as "Michelle Trachtenberg gets laid in ABC pilot"?
Well, it's always good to see her on tv, but I would prefer an indie movie career. That's more interesting (than a TV comedy with that synopsis, at least for me).
Best wishes to her. I always loved Dawn (maybe not as much when she screeched) and think she's a fine actress. I hope she's more than just the love interest though.
I'm not sure how this premise can work as a comedy. It sounds more like a drama to me.

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