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March 08 2007

Anya's pal lands ABC comedy pilot role. Kali Rocha, best known as Halfrek and Cecily on "Buffy", will play the supervisor for a group of paramedics in an ABC comedy pilot called "The Call". It will also feature Kal Penn from "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle."

Also, Kal Penn was in an episode of Angel. He was the large brain telekinetic who was hurting Cordy. He was hired by Lyla and killed by Angel after Angel delivered Billy.
Ugh. And here I was hoping that Kali’s reoccurring character from “Grey’s Anatomy”, Sydney Heron, would make a Wesley-ish (“Wesleyan”?) leap to the new Addison spin-off show. I guess not. It could have been cool, though.
I loves me some Kali Rocha! Yay Kali! :-)
This is good to hear. When she came to a convention a couple of years ago she spoke of being in L.A. to pay the bills and in NYC for the live drama. She felt she had a good balance. I hope this allows her to continue with that.

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