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March 08 2007

'The Thirst' gets a release date. The vampire movie which stars Adam Baldwin, Clare Kramer, Tom Lenk and Serena Scott-Thomas (terrific Whedon alum casting) will be released on DVD on May 15th. Click here to view the trailer.

Saw the trailer, saw the movie I'm afraid. But being a big fan, and not just in the physical sense, of vampire movies- it's what brought me to BtVS in the 1st place, I will buy it. Plus how great to see so many BtVS alums togehter in one place, in some cases for the 1st time. Very Nice.

If you are more discerning, I suggest NADJA (exec produced by Joss fav David Lynch with an appearance by man the himself), which is available again on DVD. For max impact, pair NADJA with DRACULA'S DAUGHTER (1935). These 2 films go together like ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE and CASINO ROYALE (2006) are paired in the Bond film canon.
Um.... i am not a horror fan, and this movie creeps me out.... dunno if I will watch this.....
I think the IMDb has messed up their entry for this film, due to another film called The Thirst also being released in 2006! They appear to share several cast members but have different directors and writers! Very confusing!
adam baldwin+biting=a damn fine horror film
I can't see the trailer until I get home. Is this related to the David Bowie film of the same name from years ago?
Doesn't seem to be. There are gallons of blood in that teaser.
Question for trivia peeps, does The Thirst hold the record for the film for the most Whedon alum actors in it or does that honour belong to another film?
Yeash, that looks uber gory....
The David Bowie movie was "The Hunger". Checked out Amazon for more info on The Thirst and there was very little. Got the same results from IMDB. Both sites will hopefully have more on this movie soon. Could be interesting, especially if is anything akin to "Near Dark" - one of my favorites.
Simon--weren't there like five Buffy actors in Can't Hardly Wait?

ETA: I copied and pasted this list from the Buffy Trivia Guide website. Can't Hardly Wait had: Seth Green, Amber Benson, Channon Roe (Jack O’Toole), Clea DuVall (Marcie Ross), Paige Moss (Veruca), Eric Balfour (Jesse), Nicole Bilderback (a Cordette), Christopher Wiehl (Owen) and John Patrick White (Pete).

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Hmmmm. Very hard to tell from that choppy trailer what it's like (though that fits the Requiem for a Dream reference) but I might pony up for the DVD to add to my very small DVD collection. It could be an interesting conversation piece to have around.
"The David Bowie movie was "The Hunger"."

Well duh on me. Thanks Ancientmagiks, I have never been good with names. Sorry everybody for the distraction.
Well, certainly a blood spattered trailer. Not sure it will right at the top of my list of stuff to watch, even with the Joss cast.
You're welcome newcj!

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