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March 08 2007

(SPOILER) World Premiere of "Suffering Man's Charity" starring David Boreanaz Friday at SXSW in Austin. Directed by and also starring Alan Cumming (The Anniversary party, X-Men 2), the film co-stars Anne Heche, Carrie Fisher, Karen Black, Henry Thomas and Jane Lynch.

A synopsis and trailer are available here, but be warned that the synopsis reveals a couple of big plot spoilers/twists relevant to David's character. (Suffice it to say there is a... genre aspect to the film likely to amuse Whedonites.)

The film's World Premiere is 6pm Friday (3/8/07) at the historic Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin, where it will screen again Sunday morning at 11am. (As far as I can tell, Boreanaz is not slated to attend either screening.)

More information available at

I've been curious about this movie for awhile after finding out about it. I was hoping someone would refer to the movie's spoilery plot description with a "yeahbuhwhat?" ^_^ (No that doesn't hint towards the content at all.)
For those wanting the full skinnies on the film the official website is at
my boss is at the fest and is supposed to see it....can't wait to hear back. Wish I were there!
Can't wait to hear the feedback. What a great cast, headed by our own DB.
I'm officially intrigued. What an interesting mix of actors ... "Angel" and "X-men" meets "E.T" and "Star Wars" -- it's genre stew! I can only imagine the stories that were exchanged and parties they must have had during shooting. I'd see it for DB alone, but with AC being excellent in other things I've seen him in, and the great things I've read about Sweet Land, he's definitely another draw for me. I hope it helps both guys, especially DB, get higher-visibility projects in the future. Break a leg, boys.

[Sidenote: I see Jane Lynch (Ingrid) has worked with the Steppenwolf Theater troupe out of Chicago, which means DB is now only one degree away from Gary Sinise (Steppenwolf co-founder/sometime artistic director), one of my favorite actors. Hee!]

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All things DB are worth a good look and this sounds interesting, however, that trailer did absolutely zero to make me want to see the movie. DB's presence will be the only reason I would see it after watching a trailer that just showed two petulant children, IMO.

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