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March 08 2007

Victor - a Mark Lutz film. The tv movie is about the Canadian Olympic and World Champion swimmer Victor Davis and not only does it star Mark (Groo in Angel), it's also written by him. There's a trailer available for viewing and more info about the movie at the official MySpace site.

Kudos to Mark!

Mark is such a sweet guy. I'm so glad this movie that meant so much to him is finally getting some play!
Yeah for Mark. He has been wanting to do this film for years and I'm glad he got the chance to live his dream and I hope we will get it here in the US as well.

Congrats to him. He can be what he can be but you got to love him for it.

ETA: OMG where did that body come from. Darn good looking boy there.

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The movie looks interesting(and the body helps lol), but itwas originally going to be on the CBC on march 26th, but because of Quebec Elections, it will be rescheduled, at least it says so in a bulletin he sent out. I hope it gets shown soon.
Yes, the film will be postponed until the fall, as the CBC will be airing live election coverage that night in Quebec.

There should be a lot of interest in the film in Quebec, as Victor Davis lived there and Mark was born there.
Well we'll certainly do a heads up on or around the day so our Canadian posters can chat about it.
Don't let the bod fool you, the muscles are all make-up and lighting...

I drink beer.

Damn good lighting and make-up there then. :)

I knew it was to good to be real - I have seen you at a few events in the past. So I know about the beer, explains the shock of seeing the abs.

Still, whoever designed that body deserves the Canadian version on the Emmy for that special effect alone.

So any chance the Divided States of America will see it air or will we have to wait for the DVD???

As I said before Congrats on the film, glad you got it completed.

ETA: BTW - Welcome to whedonesque, glad you stopped by and don't be a stranger. Ok, don't be any stranger than you already are. :)

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Finally, we Canadians get something! I wait in expectation. The fall? Too far away!
And wait, you are saying there is a connection between abs and beers?
Yup. The hollywood secret is finally out.

It's very simple really, you drink get abs.

I try to have at least 7 before each workout, but that's Canadian beer. We use the metric that's gotta be...let's see...double and add 30, right??

Beer Bad! Ahaha, get it? I make my own fun.

This movie looks great!
I finally got a chance to check out this link and was so impressed. It really brought me back to my days as a swimmer. I had not realized how that stays with you. It has been more than 30 years since I swam competitively but I found myself getting all pumped that someone was doing a real honest to God movie about a swimmer...and bonus, the guy doing it is really a swimmer himself!

Mark Lutz Welcome to Whedonesque, don't be a stranger. I could not find what your events were when you were competing. Do you care to share that or are you keeping that off the radar?
This thread is gone from the front page, but...Mark Lutz !

I will watch this.
Hey Mark! one of the nicest verse actors I have ever met. And he friended me on myspace :)

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