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March 09 2007

Fox has the 'Drive'. Tim Minear offers up a bit more explanation of Drive.

MALicious, great link! Of course, I want to cry (in a manly way) every time I hear people say they're sick of seeing Drive promos, because I think to myself -- what if they had shown that many promos for Firefly? *cries in a manly way* (No, it's just allergies, really.) And, the most important part is, everyone knows that Drive is coming, so it will have every chance possible to succeed. Yay Tim, Nathan, Amy, Katie, Fox and anyone else I've left out! ;-)
I'm really looking forward to Tim's new show (what was that?). Something about fast cars and even faster women that always gives my soul a shake. I trust that Tim will take us there. Given that FOX gives him a chance this time, (there's it again! Caroline, did you add a wall to the room? I keep hearing an echo.)I think his show will be a success. After cancelling his other brilliant shows, even the network must yield. Go figure.

(Damn it, there's that sound again! I'm hunting down that pesky squirrel that I nicknamed 'Fox'.)
Anyone who's tired of seeing Fox run promos obviously has either never watched FX or has blocked their "once every commercial break, minimum" ad campaign for Dirt. Yeah, I hold grudges excessively long, why do you ask?

I've got my parents and grandmother onboard for Drive. I've finally succesfully converted my family to three generations of Browncoats, so once they saw the ads with Nathan Fillion and I explained Tim Minear, they were suitably intrigued.

I doubt I'll ever convert them to full Whedonites, but I'm glad to know I can spread at least some of my geekitude back through the family tree.
Aww, Minear's list of shows is so sad: Firefly, Wonderfalls, The Inside. Goddamn Fox. They'd better do right by him this time.

And every single time the ads run, I go, "Ooh! Drive!" so my roommates are probably sick of that by now, but otherwise, I think we're doing good.
Billz, is there really a manly way to cry? Blame it on sand under your contact lenses (even if you don't wear any).
Thick skinned and with his sense of humor intact. That's our Tim. I am really looking forward to this show.

Sorry to go a bit off topic, but did you read the Watchmen stuff further down the page? Something about a "huge ensemble cast" and "major stars as the Watchmen." I would start crying (in a manly way, maybe) if this thread hadn't already made me cry harder about Firefly (for the 10,000th time).
Tim is so out there with his attitude about Fox cancelling all his other shows that I think "They wouldn't have the gall to do it this time."
Then I remember who I'm talking about.

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