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March 09 2007

(SPOILER) Very detailed recap of the 'Drive' Panel at Wondercon. Our very own Polter-Cow gives a blow-by-blow recap of the panel on Sunday (including the wonderful news that there will be no talking cars on Drive).

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Excellent recap! Nathan, as always, in great form. :D

Am really looking forward to this show.
OMG! It's premiering on my birthday!!! And the 'mom' character is named Wendy!?!? Hee! Best. present. ever! ;-)
Wow, very detailed and spot-on. Especially this bit:

Someone has a very good question for Ben Queen: how do you structure a show that has a defined finish line?

Who WAS that clever, handsome, good-question asking guy anyway? :D

ETA: Oh, I forgot to mention, if anyone got one of those official Drive promo drivers' licenses we were giving out, check out Nathan's picture, and specifically the clothes he's wearing. You can just make out the collar of his browncoat and his burgundy button-down shirt! :) The image they're using on the Drive Web site has been updated with an Alex Tully picture. So hey, maybe those are going to be collector's items!

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Good question, lexigeek! Hee.

And I got a couple of those promo driver's licenses! They were really cool. They made one for Kristin's character too. I sent some photos of them.

Were you the guy who was actually handing those out? I think my friend and I swiped the very last ones you guys had!
We were handing them out at the browncoat booth, but a lot of our volunteers were, so I don't know if it was me you got them from. I didn't get a chance to grab the other characters, which I really should have when I still had a bag of 500 of them sitting on my kitchen table! D'oh!
Kristin Lehman had a bit of an embarrassing moment herself when she responded to the question from the audience member that hadn't paid attention the explanation about the greenscreen (the question was about how they liked having to travel around to all of the many locations to shoot the series).

Kristin responded by saying something about how all of it was shot here in Los Angeles. When someone pointed out that they weren't in Los Angeles, but San Francisco, she sputtered and laughed.

It reminded me of the several times I have been to concerts in the middle of a tour and the artist has no idea where they are.
Ha! Yes, woo, that was a great moment! I should have included it. Darn.
I was there too and that has to be the best write-up I've come across so far, PC. Good job! :-)

One thing I loved that you didn't get a chance to mention was Nathan Fillion reminiscing about his past experience as a pretend driver, murmuring "vrrrmm vrrrmm" while using a Kentucky Fried Chicken lid as a steering wheel. There's a cross-marketing opportunity there just waiting to happen.
Hee, yeah, I didn't write down all the details of Nathan's little trip down memory lane. But it was amusing.
Well, Polter-Cow, Nathan was in full rockstar mode so it is understandable that anything else from the panel was barely worth mentioning.

It seemed to me that if it weren't for the flirtus maximus exuding from Nathan, I doubt that Kristin would've got any lovin' that particular day.
I felt sad that no one asked her a question. She seemed really cool!
I agree, Polter-Cow. She struck me as sharp and funny, totally capable of holding her own with a ham like Nathan. It will be cool to see them onscreen together!
Captain Mal and a cylon? That sounds like one shiny frakin combo.
Speaking of shiny frakin combos, I wonder who would win in a matchup between Number Six and YoSaffBridge?
Number Six cause there are more of her.
YoSaffBridge - one of the final five.

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