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March 09 2007

Variety Reviews "Prelude To A Kiss". Alan's play opened last night, and the reviews are good. Well, we always knew he was a star!

Absolutely! and here's a link to the New York Times' Review.
I went to see this a couple weeks ago before it officially opened and I really enjoyed it. I hung around afterwords to meet Alan and he was so nice! I was completely star-struck and didn't get a chance to tell him everything I wanted to, but he did sign my Serenity comic book with him on the cover! And of course I got a picture with him ;) If anyone is in the city in the next couple of months (the play has a limited run) then this is something you should definitely check out--it's wonderful to see Alan perform live!
The New York Times review is excellent, too!

My favorite bits are "Mr. Tudyk’s face, straddling the line between handsome and goofy, signals his growing perplexity with amusing transparency." and "The scenes between Mr. Mahoney and Mr. Tudyk, in which the young lovers struggle to renew their intimacy in bizarrely altered circumstances, are wonderfully tender, sad and funny too. Mr. Mahoney has a tasty bit of physical comedy as he tries to fold himself into a chair the way a yoga-limbered young woman would, but neither actor succumbs to a temptation to play up the absurdity."

So nice to see Alan Tudyk appreciated, isn't it? :-)
MySerenity, friends of ours had a very similar Alan experience, waiting after the show (Spamalot) when he came out, chatted with them, and was as nice a fellow as could be imagined.

Very nice, sandyg, to see him appreciated, indeed!

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