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March 09 2007

James Leary is looking for some friends. Best known to the verse as Clem the loose skin demon buddy of Spike, he now has a myspace page. He's a great comedic talent and there is a nice video clip of him as Clem as well as other characters he has played on his page.

In the US you can see James in a lot of commercials, the current ones is for Progressive Ins.

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I actually like him playing a bit more broad rather than the slightly more Clem clips surprisingly, but maybe that's since they're out of context since I actually liked his character when he first appeared.

What's that first clip in his demo reel from though? It seems kind of familiar but I can't place what it must have been from.
I was his friend ages ago.;) Clem was a great character and I'd like to see James do more.
I love his demo reel, it is too bad he can't include the Dominoes commercials, which were wonderful. So I guess I'm late with the friending, thanks for the link RavenU!
Didn't I see him in a car insurance commercial too?
Thanks for the heads up, RavenU! I loves me some Clem, lol! Requested Mr. Leary as a friend, check. Obviously, I am hoping to follow in the footsteps of my wise role model, Lioness. ;-)
*pats billz on the head* Good boy.
I'm interested in how many Whedonverse actors have My Space pages. Not all accept any and all as friends but many do. Jonathan Woodward, Christian Kane (well, his band), Adam Busch (well, his band!), Stephen deKnight, Rafael Feldman, Jewel Staite, Nathan Fillion, Mark Sheppard and of course, Whedonesque. Have I missed anyone?
Mark Lutz also has a myspace page.

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