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March 09 2007

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" article makes Wikipedia front page during 10th anniversary! The article has gradually become a very well-researched and broad outline of a truly unique series, with some nice insights. Ideal for newcomers but Whedonesquers will learn some things they didn't know (the legacy of "Rhonda the Immortal Waitress" continues?).

Technically this might be considered a repost, the link to Wikipedia "Buffy" article was posted on Whedonesque back on May 28, 2003, but it has never been on the Wikipedia front page before, and this is what it looked like back then when Whedonesquers had their first glance: Wikipedia: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (version available on May 28, 2003). Who knew how much Wikipedia could improve in four years.

edit: since March 10, CET is over Wikipedia no longer has Buffy article on its font page.

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Wow I clicked on the "Df" wiki-article from the Buffy one, and there's some new information turned up regarding the discussions about Nerf Herder's Buffy theme and the similarities with Df's "Codo". There is a Nerf Herder quote from the UK Buffy magazine #1

"We did the theme song before the show was on the air. It was a song that had already been written, but we really didn't know where to take it. I had some ideas - it was originally going to have some kind of science-fiction theme, which is weird, because we don't do songs like that. I remember having the title of 'Outer Space Rock' or something like that; that was a working thing." - Nerf Herder[

Funnily enough Df's song was also what an 'Outer Space Rock', a great way to describe the "Codo" music video (YouTube), and the lyrics are seemingly all about an alien and spaceships.
Unrelated stuff:

*Oh I missed that whole Nerf Herder/Codo debate, and that music video :) Does seem like a fairly major coincidence when you take into account not only the melody, but also the 'Outer Space Rock' factor.

*Also, theonetruebix, looks like they mentioned "Swans Crossing" in this one though the "Swans Crossing" wikipedia article has not reached quite the same standard as the Buffy one just yet.

*I really respect the effort Joss and the writers made to make each hour resonate. From article:

"We think very carefully about what we're trying to say emotionally, politically, and even philosophically while we're writing it it really is, apart from being a pop-culture phenomenon, something that is deeply layered textually episode by episode." ~ Joss

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The front page of is also smeared all over with whedonverse shows and actors. The videoclip is "Buffy and the Gang - Here's to Michelle, Whedon and co!". The revolving article banners are for Buffy (Let's Slayerbrate), Angel, Firefly, Buffy (again) and Bones. All six links below that are Buffy alumni (Including Nathan for Drive, and Family Guy and Robot Chicken for Seth Green), and the featured articles are on Alyson on HIMYM, Joss on The Office and Veronica Mars, the original Buffy film, Serenity and even the abortive Buffy animated series.

Well I am impressed. Not that I have read any of the articles, I just look at the pretty pictures.
Going to check out now. Thanks gossi.

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