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March 09 2007

DC-area Browncoats needed to get charity screening booked. Only just came across this. Fans in the area of Washington DC want to hold a charity Serenity screening in June. But the prospective venue needs convincing. If you're in that area and would attend such a screening (you will, won't you?) then click the link and fill out the survey so organizers can show the venue there's enough interest.

Strange that they need convincing, after the packed-house turn-out for the Serenity showing they held in January... It was great, btw! :-)
Arlington is a little far for me. Wonder if anyone would be interested in a showing in Maryland?
Yes that seems strange that they need convincing, the house was absolutely packed to the rafters during the last charity screening. I will mention this on the next Firefly Talk.
Wonder if anyone would be interested in a showing in Maryland?

Only one way to find out.

(Parenthetically, I find that I can't imagine having to coordinate the overall thing this year. Just being more directly involved in organizing Portland's screening is stressful enough.)
The one in December was packed. Drove up from NC. They had trivia and costume contests. It was a lot of fun.

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