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March 09 2007

Wondercon Videos and Photos. 23 short Nathan-centric videos taken of the Drive panel at Wondercon.

There are links to both YouTube and sendspace versions of all the clips and a link to a previous photo post. Thanks to bufandita for providing them all.

Thanks for posting the link. Great videos...especially for us Nathan-centric fans. Pretty funny captions on the videos too.

Didn't get to watch them all...have to go to sleep now.
Shiny. Nathan asks if anyone is his myspace friend right after he asks if there are any Brownocoats there. LOTS. LOUD GROUP. It is in the video captioned "Nathan talks about working with Tim Minear, and his experience on the bestest tv show ever. :)" More proof for the people who still don't believe Nathan has a myspace (17765 friends. 03/10/2007) page.

Keeping a record of the video link. Never know when I might have to argue that Nathan has a myspace page. Someone just recently took his myspace link off the Nathan Fillion wiki page They put it back.
For fans of the New Battlestar Galactica:

Nathan talks about dating #6 and who would win in a fight between Captain Malcolm Reynolds and #6.

See video catpioned "Nathan responds to the "Number Six" Question"

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