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March 10 2007

Happy Anniversary to Buffy and Co. from Their homepage is giving lots of love to Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and anything else they can link to Joss.

How on earth did they miss the repeat of House this week with Michelle Trachtenberg, since they were grabbing for freaking *everything* there? Sheesh.
Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch blog had a short "shout out" yesterday as well.
It's happy birthday Buffy!

"... It's not happy birthday Buffy?"
Holy crap. It's a Joss party all over that site! That is beyond cool.
Hope this isn't too off topic, but here's a hot-off-the-press write-up of one celebration of the 10th Anniversary.

Would have tried a front-page link to it, but as I am tangentially connected to the site, hope it's OK to put it here.
I actually learned a few things (or remembered stuff I'd forgotten) from my own little season 1 marathon. I thought Joss both wrote and directed Welcome to the Hellmouth/Harvest when in fact he wrote both but directed neither. I find that interesting in light of the comment in the article on the link provided by Kiddo (thanks for that) about the un-aird original half hour pilot, which Joss did direct. His first outing as a director, according to this article.
Quote: "Even accounting for the crappiness of the bootleg copy, there's no visual style to speak of." *Gasp* .... you mean, Joss wasn't born with that stunning visual sensibility ?
They did redeem themselves .... Quote: "By the finale (Prophecy Girl), Whedon is directing again, but by now he's got the visual confidence to match the script's emotional hairpin bends". Although minus points for metaphor mangling :)
It's also interseting that none of the season 1 writers went on to become long term series regulars, with the notable exception of David Greenwalt, who has a "teleplay" credit on Nightmares (Joss has the "story" credit) and who of course wrote and directed the episode "Angel".
Interesting to me that the "voice" of the series really began to evolve in season 2, when Marti Noxon came on board as a writer, with two co-writing credits ( What's My Line pt1 and Surprise) as well as three solo credits (What's My Line pt2, Bad Eggs and I Only Have Eyes For You). And Joss has more writing and directing credits.
Now I feel the need to re-visit season 2. I am hopeless & pathetic. But happily so.
What a nice tribute to Buffy. All the Buffy and Angel dialog and pictures has my heart fluttering. It's always cool to hear Joss talk too. :)

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