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March 10 2007

Buffy gets a gun in new Lifetime series. Or at least that is what they are quoting from TV Guide about the new series Blood Ties that starts tomorrow night. It's a show about a female investigator who teams up with a 450 year old Vampire, and of course she is falling for the fanged one. On the site they have a triva quiz and vampire mythology with a bit of verse mentions.

I am the only one finding it odd the timing of this series is when Buffy is celebrating it's 10th.

So the pitch meeting must have been something extraordinary. I would have loved to have been the proverbial "fly on the wall" for that one.
These things? Never helpful! :)
Hey, I've read the Tanya Huff books this series was based on, and it's *really* not Buffy-like. She's a cop, for one, and a lot more no-nonsense than Buffy, and there was a bit of noirish-ness in the atmosphere as well: I'd say the show would be a lot more similar to AtS, only with a female lead (hence, on Lifetime).

It's cool; Huff wrote a pretty awesome Zoe essay in the Firefly essay book, and she totally is a BtVS viewer/fan.
They have the premiere for free on iTunes (probably only in the US). I gave it a try and found the writing and acting...

Actually, I couldn't find either.
I watched the first episode also, and I don't think I'll be watching again. It's trying to be Buffy or Angel, but without the personalities or the interesting story.
Oh, dear. Another show that dares to use vampires and the supernatural genre. Must be trying to be Buffy, and of course it will fail. This gets sooo tiresome. Me, I'm going to watch it and give it a chance, I like vampire stuff, that is why I watched Buffy to start with. I just refuse to believe that Buffy is the only show that was ever worth watching.
I managed to enjoy Hex, I can't see why I won't enjoy this as well. I love Huff's books so I would be giving it a shot no matter the premise.
Huff's blog has some interesting back story. In another parallel universe, her stories might have made it to screen back in the 90's. Then we might be having a different conversation, life being a dance of improvisation and reaction and all...

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These were a nice series of books that did indeed come out a long time ago. I'm sorry that it doesn't seem promising.
The storyline actually has potential, it was the wooden acting and the clunky dialogue that made it difficult to watch.

Some of the problems could have to do with it being the pilot, hopefully they'll iron themselves out.

The vampires themselves were pretty cool.
Hmmm, well I saw the pilot on iTunes so I'm going to download it (Hey, it's free!) and give it a try. It probably won't come close to Buffy, but it might be something fun to watch while I lie in bed tonight.

I am a little interested because one of the leading characters was in an episode of Supernatural, "Wendigo," who played Haley.
I will also give it a chance as I want to like it, I really do! Comparisons to Buffy are doomed from the start so I will decide solely on whether I like the characters. So far, I have found two shows on DVD that while they don't compare to the Whedonverse are still very enjoyable...Dark Angel and Forever Knight. Forever Knight especially holds my interest based mainly on the main characters, I mean who doesn't like Janette? If this show can create characters such as will be worth the time!
To Calledon, if you haven't already seen it try American Gothic on DVD as well. This was a brilliant series. But do go to a website that lists the correct order in which to watch the episodes since the disc arrangement follows air times and NOT the order in which the writers wrote them.
Sounds like bit like Anita Blake. Not that the more recent books in that series have been anything too special.
I watched the 1st half of the opener on itunes (it's only 44 minutes; Lifetime has the full 2 hours on tonight so I'm taping the second half). I actually kind of liked the first half that I saw and it had some real charm here and there. It is not written as well as Buffy or Angel but I could feel there was a "there" there. I thought the two leads, Vicki Nelson and former partner Mike, hit some very nice notes and had some easy familiarity between them. Henry, the ancient/young vampire and the other part of their soon-to-be-triangle, was appropriately enigmatic and there were a few interesting vampire effects. Since this thread will drop off soon, maybe someone will start a thread over at

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I liked it. I like the vampire (of course, he's no Spike, but then no one ever could be), I like the lead lady, but I don't like her freind detective, so it's fine with me he wasn't in there much. I like that it will follow Dresden Files, which is getting better all the time. I

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