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March 10 2007

Another Buffy retrospective. Over at

That was moving.
Moving and deeply felt. I love this show more than any other TV show I've ever seen yet I am always amazed at the depth of other people's love for it.
That made me cry a little. Or at least "little" is all I'm admitting to.
Moving indeed. Although the "wasn't allowed to watch" when the series first came out made me feel verrry ancient :) But then the connection with other Buffy fans certainly transcends age. One of the themes I've always loved most is that you can create your own family. You don't have to be young for your biological family to be a disfunctional mess. And on that note, I do take issus with the "not-great" episode, 'Family' comment. I *loved* that ep, it was the epitome of the theme of creating family, with an excellent feminist sub-text in the bargain. Plus a little side statement about Spike being the 'outsider even amongst a group of outsiders'.
What a nice write up. It's great to see others so emotionally wrapped up in this Universe. Be very proud Joss, you have literally touched our lives and we will never be the same.
I agree. That was a nice "one man's opinion" about why Buffy is the greatest investion since the internet...which, of course, allows us to talk about her at great length. You might say, she's the first TV hero to get mythic status thanks to the internet.
I just fnished seeing the first two episodes from my season 1 DVD, with Joss' comments...which added some nice insights along with revisiting some memories. Next Wednesday can't come soon enough to see her come back on thee printed page. But is there any of us who wish she were back, in the flesh?

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I loved his comment about the real influence of Buffy coming in a few years when those who grew up on it get into the biz. I think he might well be right.
It’s been a great ten years, Joss, and television’s a little lonely without you around. Come back soon, okay?

Thanks for everything.

Indeed. Much as I love Astonshing and am looking forward to the Buffy Season 8 and Runaways comics, and even though I already have too many TV shows I'm watching these days, re-watching Buffy Season One yesterday, and thinking about all this, makes me yearn for more Jossy goodness on the TV screen.
This was I think the best post that has surfaced for the 10 year anniversary. A really fantastic read :)
What a beautiful, moving tribute.

I'm old enough to be this guy's mother but we have the same feelings for this amazing show.
Very, very nice.

The Prom always makes me cry. In three specfic places--when Buffy is inconsolable with grief at the breakup with Angel, when she gets the award, and when she and Angel are dancing to The Sundays' version of Wild Horses.
I often watch the "Wild Horses" scene by itself. I think I will now.
The whole way that scene unfolded...the camera work...the reaction shots by the gang (Giles with his fatherly pride, Xander and Willow just about busting their vests with friendly price, and even Cordy is so happy for Buffy...and then to have Angel show up...because it's a big night...nothing's changed but, well, it's a big night...they are so perfectly beautiful together, and *that* they're together is so painfully lovely, and knowing that, save for a day that never really happens, is really the end of it, of them, is so gorgeously painful...damn...just, damn.

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Watched it three times. Must stop now.

“Every now and then people surprise you.”

“Every now and then.”
Yep, they sometimes do.

I saw The Prom before my wife did (we came to Buffy way late, and were in rampant catch-up mode.) She had some serious work to do, and I told her, "Stop what you're doing. Come downstairs, because you really, really have to see this, now."

She did, and she agreed with me, that she needed to see it then.

Okay, I'm a sap, but it's just so damned perfect....
Never mind.

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OK, I get it. Went back & read the rules.
Shutting up & going away now. :)

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