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March 10 2007

Misspellings are sometimes useful. Can't access Use as a workaround. Haken has posted about the little problem with He hopes to have it fixed by Monday.

I really appreciate people getting the word out about this, because I have really missed visiting fff over the last few days!
I haven't been able to reach for months, perhaps even a year, and I can't connect to either. I'm in the UK and use Telewest Blueyonder/Virgin Media/whatever it's called now -- any other Blueyonder customers here having (or not having) the same problem?
Gag Halfrunt, yes I have the exact same problem. I'm with Blueyonder too and haven't been able to connect to for over a year now, the new page also doesn't seem to want to connect.
I've had the same problem connecing to for a while now, however I seem to remember a thread recently where a poster explained how to fix the problem but since I'm comuter illiterate it went right over my head.
Blueyonder/Telewest/Virgin Media customers have been banned from since the last spam attack, about 12 months ago. is the person to contact, with your IP address included in the message (, although I'd wait until Monday before dispatching the message due to the other problems with the domain expiring.
The domain expiring? and thanx anonymous1 with your message, I wouldn't have known without this message! All Hail Haken!(to borrow a phrase from that thread).
Well...guess Haken must have got his freak on, cuz of 4:50 PM EDT, the original link URLs seem to be working fine. That's URLs with "fireflyfans" not "fireflyfan" in them:D


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