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March 11 2007

Firefly's Young Simon is Going Back. Cast & crew of the Disney Channel's "High School Musical" reunite to film sequel in Utah.

In the article's short synopsis, both the Disney Channel and the original cast & crew - including "Young Simon" actor Zac Efron - discuss getting back together late last month to create and film a bigger and brighter sequel to to the record-holding TV movie. Article also looks at what the major players have been up to since the first HSM.

Considering the huge success of this, I'm a bit surprised it took so long. Everyone has aged that many will have actually graduated themselves. Still, Disney will make a bundle on this (and I'm not counting theater dept. royalties.)
HSM 2 will be a cable movie but they are planning HSM 3 which will be a feature release. Keep 'em coming. :)
So I admit it, I love HSM and am looking forward to the sequel! Whoo!
Whoa. I had NO idea Zac Efron was young Simon. My mind is now boggled.
...Wasn't there already another sequel? Something about a Haunted High School Musical? In hindsight I'm not sure if that might have been a joke.

On principle I won't watch it since, aside from the cast being younger than me by a few years which already has the capacity to make me miserable, I'm a bit more into the underdog musicals. (Once More With Feeling, Reefer Madness, SMG's "Teen Horniness Is Not a Crime" and so forth...)
Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure the Haunted one is gonna be the third.
The Haunted one will be the third. The feature release.
I finally went ahead and bought this from work last December 'cause it was never available for rent at the local Blockbuster and Rogers Videos.

I enjoyed it and watched a couple of the extras on the first disc, but it wasn't good enough to own and keep, so I sold it to Blockbuster for $10 (I love their trade program. I have over $300 in Blockbuster credit after unloading so many movies and six seasons of one TV series that I either know I'll never watch again or will eventually buy on HD-DVD or whatever wins the format war).

A couple of the songs were great, but so many of them were the epitome of mediocre and just...not excitement-inducing like the stuff found in "Once More With Feeling", Rent, a few of the ones in Into The Woods, various Disney animated musicals, etc....There've just been so many way better musicals.

Or course, I'm 24 and sometimes a little jaded, so it's possible I wasn't the right audience for High School Musical.

I'll rent the sequel though. If it's not constantly checked out.
Heh. I'd classify HSM as a dreadful yet totally addictive film. The first time we saw it, my friends and I tore it to shreds. Poorly scripted, poorly scored, production values that make Ed Wood look like Merchant Ivory etc.

And then we went back for another viewing... and another... and another... and we half-learned the dances for a laugh... and we can quote bits verbatim... and when the songs come on my iPod I can't help but sing along...




My point is - they have definitely made a catchy film. It's just a pity - given the paucity of modern musicals - that it isn't a better one. (Gimme 'Newsies' any day.)

I was equally in the dark about Zac Efron as 'Simon' until someone else pointed it out. The disturbing thing is how young he looks in Firefly, in comparison to HSM (and his current appearance). It makes me feel old, for a start, but it also makes me feel a bit sad because I realise how long it's been since the series was in production.
I have not seen this musical, but I have to say that for me(I am 26, a bit cynical but not havent ripened on that account yet), the disney animated movies of Lion King, Aladin, Beauty and the Beast will always be the pinacle of animation and songs. Now even though they weren't strictly musicals, the music in those movies was quite heart wrenching.
I'm particular about musicals. I like "West Side Story" and "My Fair Lady". I have to confess that I snored through "Cats" in Hamburg. I was very skeptical about OMWF, but it grabbed me during the 1st song and didn't (still hasn't) let go.
I agree with Mythtaken on this one. Catchy, but not good. My 17 yr. old son (who often borrows his little sisters HSM soundtrack) told me that when he recently almost slid off on an icy mountain road in his car this winter, his biggest fear, as he slid toward the edge, was that if he died, he would be found with "High School Musical" in his car's CD Player.
I loved Zac in it though. Very much looking forward to hearing more of his real voice this time around.
-Left the set for a call-back on "Speed Racer", eh?

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