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March 12 2007

Time Out New York story on Alan Tudyk. Short article entitled "The straight man" in Time Out New York last week. Talks about how his role in "Prelude to a Kiss" is a departure from past broadly comedic parts; no mention of Firefly, though.

What a great interview! Thanks, lisaspo! :-)
I enjoyed the article as well. I expect to see much more coverage of this talent.

Alan portrayed a pedophile last week on CSI. (Rerun? I didn't see it posted here.) What a tough role - he is so courageous. That man is making such broad choices and demonstrating a depth of skill which puts him in the company of the all-time greats.
Yeah, the CSI episode must've been a repeat. I think it was fleetingly posted here on its first run but got pulled for being too far before the actual broadcast and never really made it back on properly (it was also shaping up to be a pretty contentious thread - probably not surprising given the subject matter - which may have influenced reposting decisions).

Nice interview. It's always seemed clear that AT has consciously tried to choose a variety of roles and in the few things i've seen him in he's shown a lot of versatility (really looking forward to 'Death at a Funeral' for instance).
I love reading articles about Alan as they become available because it seems like in the past there haven't been many, or I wasn't looking in the right places to find them. I admire him for wanting to push past the obvious ("Get me the pirate guy") and expand his horizons as an actor. And I admire him also for not believing that Julliard was the end-all/be-all for him. I read a long time ago that Kevin Kline said the acting program was like boot camp where they strip you down and build you back up again. No comedy indeed.
I went to see 300 this weekend and saw Alan for a second in the trailer for "Knocked Up".
And.. photos are now up of opening night at
Check out the one of Alan, his parents and his girlfriend, the one that this entry's article referred to...very cute!
Awwww, great photos!
There's also this article about the opening night:

Funny little comment about how Alan resembles Annie Parisse's significant other... who you can also see in the pictures.

Also a cute reference to people asking Alan who his trainer is...

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