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March 12 2007

'Serenity' school auction from AffableChap. Producer Chris Buchanan (that would be AffableChap on the OB) has again donated a box of Serenity goodies as part of an eBay auction for his son's school. Includes a mini-poster signed by the cast and Joss, "points" swag from the old Serenity boards, full set of Diamond Select figures, a Firefly boxed set with Fruity Oaty Bar sticker, and more.

Link goes to the OB thread, which I checked in a couple browsers in which I wasn't logged into the OB, so it should be viewable even if you don't have an OB account.

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Wow, what a lot of swag. I'd love to get this as prizes for the Toronto "Can't stop the Serenity" screening. Last year we had people donate some of the official "points" swag from Universal but the pickings are slim this year and probably non-existant next year. But it is already clear that it will go far beyond what I can afford. Good luck to any Whedonesquers bidding.
Sadly, it seems to only be available to bidders from the USA. Ah well, it's not like I could really afford to bid anyway. Good luck to those who can!

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