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March 12 2007

(SPOILER) Scott Allie Season 8 interview. IF Magazine interviews Scott Allie about Season 8. No big spoilers but there are a few hints. Also a review of #1.

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Thanks for the post. I want to read this comic now! I just watched a Buffy marathon at a local theater this weekend and I'm running through Season 1. I'm all Buffied-up and there's new written-by-Joss Buffy out there and I can't wait to get my hands on it! And avoiding the temptation to read these favorable reviews is getting harder and harder. Is it shipping this Wednesday or next?
Comic shop near me is getting it Wednesday.
Yippie! Local shop's got it listed for this Wednesday as well!

These things called spoilers are certainly tempting.....must.....resist.
I'm sorry to say has already lost my confidence. Not ordering anything from them again when I can just go to a local shop and get it the day of release rather than waiting another week and a half. I can't wait until Wednesday!
If you want to resist spoilers, the big parts of the articles NOT spoilery are that it probably will be over 30 issues, they've talked about a Season 9, 6 Scripts done, 4 Penciled and almost 3 inked.
Thanks hitnrun!
Squee! I really liked this interview, and now I'm even more impatient for Wednesday! I'm already on the "pull list" at my local comics shop, and am doing my best to avoid spoilers until then.
Good interview. It's nice to see Joss have so much support and allowing him to tell the story the way he wants.
I can hardly wait till tomorrow! Definitely a trip to my comic book store is in order :-) And the part about a possible Season 9 after this whole season is finished.... excellent!!
While I'll definitely get a copy, and follow the series, the one thing that bothers me so much about comics is it seems we get... one... act... at... a... time, with month-long commercial breaks inbetween. I really enjoy the trades where they combine several comics into one book. Much more enjoyable to read that way.
It's Wednesday already down here in Australia and soon as I've finished uni this morning I'm heading to the comic store to pick up my order. I *can't* wait to get my hands on a copy (or two).
Grr, aargh. Not only is it not Wednesday here yet, it's not Thursday here yet either (comics come out a day later in the UK).

I dunno, you have one little empire and the entire world seems to want to take it out on you in perpetuity *mutters, grumbles* ...

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