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"Oh, bugger off, you brolly."
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March 12 2007

What do Buffy and Anna Nicole have in common? Kristy Swanson, the first Buffy, is slated to appear as Anna Nicole Smith in an episode of Law & Order: CI.

I saw the same thing in the Defamer website, but didn't think I should link to that. I find it interesting Kristy would do such a role, since she has been in the movie biz for some time, and has gotten more interest because of "Skating with Celebrities." She may surprise a lot of people if she does well here.

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Wow, I can't even escape Anna Nicole at W! :~D But oddly enough, it's relevant.
Is this a mushroom trip?
I dunno, look at your hand. If it's grown a mouth and started telling you to climb trees then it could be. Everyone's experience is gonna differ though ;).

Anna Nicole, barmy astronauts, you guys have all the best news.
Although, re: mouth in hand talking to you, you may have just realized that you are living the story of Vampire Hunter D. /shrug - just sayin'...
I guess the whole thing is very predictable and inevitable...but I hope I'm not the only one to find it tacky.
Enough already...let the poor woman rest in peace.
Looks like America has already moved on to the next phase of grief: exploitation.
The next phase? Seems to me it started out that way for AN.
Rogue Slayer, that was exactly my thought when I saw this headline. Egad, even here?

And Saje, what's "barmy"?
'Barmy' = eccentric, bonkers, tapped, a few bricks shy of a load, not playing with a full deck, daft in the head, away wi' the fairies, mad as a Badger's brush etc. A bit crazy in other words ;).
You forgot, "mad as a bag of cats," or so my friend used to say.
Ah, to quote Early Grace: "koo-koo brain". Got it.


And TonyaJ, I always thought that phrase just meant "really pissed off".

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