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March 13 2007

James "Clem" Leary's adult film spoof availible at Atomfilms. A very humorous spoof of the industry made a few years ago. Not suitable for work but extremely funny. It guest stars, Lou Diamond Phillips and others. (Free reg req) Check out the more area for some other appearances this month by Mr. Leary.

The film's title is "StuntC*cks"

He will also be appearing on NBC's Passions 3/13 & 3/14 as a hospital orderly.

In person he will be appearing March 22-25 at Aggiecon at Texas A&M university. So if you get a chance in Texas check him out.

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That was great. Seriously.
wrong, so wrong.
That was bloody hilarious.

"as opposed to it being about, y'know, getting cornholed", "how does it taste" and the porn-star who, after giving her 'Bert and Ernie' answer, goes into automatic 'me so horny' touchy mode were stand-outs but the whole thing was a grade A spoof from start to finish. And they got some real names in there (probably on the basis of the excellent script).

Also, one of the women mentions the Oxnard Spearmint Rhino. Does Oxnard have some significance i'm not aware of or could that conceivably be a reference to Xander's time working there and 'Ladies night' (of which we will not speak ;) ?

Probably just coincidence but still, damn funny.
O. M. G. That was great! So wrong, yet so funny!
This was better than the actual documentry I saw with Ron Jeremy.
Ha! That was really funny.

And the best part, Scott Thompson is in it. He is awesome.
the bit about comparing the taste to what God would do.... ROTFL! And the bit near the end.... geez louiz... My god, I remember seeing bits about this on the demo reel for James Leary, on his myspace site. Now I know where they are from!
That was...oh god...*tries to form coherent thought*

I'm trying to find the words here, but they're just not coming. I don't know whether it's horrying or just plain hilarious. Maybe a little of both. :)
I thought it might be time to add the link to the deluxe DVD version of the movie. In case you are looking for a special gift for someone or yourself, plus hey, have that title in your DVD library makes a great conversation starter. The deluxe DVD includes deleted scenes as well as other behind the scene shots.
I can't watch it right now, but I remember seeing this screened at a con some years back and it killed! Seriously, people were falling over with out of control laughter. Yes, it's very wrong, but that's why it's so great!

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