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March 13 2007

Angel Guest Star met wife via Sean Maher. In this interview with Eyal Podell (who made a memorable guest villain in 'Why We Fight' and now appears on 'The Young and the Restless') the actor reveals he not only attended high school with Sean Maher, but that the good doctor introduced him to his wife.

It's an interesting interview, although 'Angel' isn't mentioned. I always thought Podell's performance was really good - one of several strong guest appearances in that particular ep.

I thought Podell had great presence in that episode and, funnily, I don't remember his character as a villain. His human form was so likable and, well, heroic, that it made a much greater impression on me than his vampire form. Plus, handsome much?

That episode gets a lot of grief, but I enjoyed it, warts and all.
I didn't like the episode so much the first time I saw it, but the second time through I noticed the exchange where Angel declares that he's not going to get trapped at the bottom of the sea, and Spike answers that he's not going to be experimented on by the [U.S.] government, and it amused me because of course those are exactly the things that are going to happen to them. So that made the episode for me.
Ha! Great catch, barboo. I don't remember picking up on that. Need to break out Season 5 and re-watch.
Melanie - Good point! He wasn't *really* a villain, because you had so much sympathy for him. Another reason why I thought that was a great performance.

I, too, have an affection for 'Why We Fight.' How can you not enjoy lines like 'I was Rasputin's lover!' or Camden Toy's predictably scene-stealing turn, or Spike posing as a Nazi (because he likes the outfit).

barboo - I didn't notice that either, nice catch.

Also, I'm going to do the Dance of Joy because I finally worked up the courage to post an actual item here.

*dances, joyfully*

*realises she should be doing work*

*dances, shamefully*

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