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March 14 2007

(SPOILER) IGN's Review- Buffy #1. IGN posts an advance review of the start of season 8.

Could the wait for these comics have possibly felt longer?

Anybody got a copy yet?
Nope. No copy. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

I want it... I want it now!
My shop opens at 2p.m. on new comic day so not yet although I did get to read the issue already last week and thought it was great.
I should be picking up my copy on my lunch break. Three of us from my office are going and we're also buying a copy for my boss. SQUEE!
I'll be picking my copy up tomorrow as soon as the shop opens. :)
I have mine in my hot little hands and I have read it twice. Sooooo fantastic! I think the dialog/humor is completely on point, though I found I had to get used to the narrative parts and being in our characters "heads". The art is wonderful. The final panel is just GREAT! Fabulous start Joss and company! The wait for next one will be worse then this one...*whoot*
My shop was absolutely packed today. A lot of it was due to people still picking up Cap #25, but most people seemed to be holding copies of Buffy, and a large number of them seemed to be there just for that. Can't wait to see sales figures if/when they're released.

As for the book itself: Issue #1 is largely setup, as this reviewer noted, but still thoroughly enjoyable. I disagree with the review on one point, though -- I've got plenty of reason to come back next ish. Sure, I'm a Buffy zombie, but still... I'm already dying to know who... Well, I'll leave that unsaid.

So great to have Joss writing these characters again.
Anyone out there know how soon comics arrive in UK stores after the American date? Is there a UK date? Im not normally a comic book person. Only bought Serenity, but I was in NY at the time.
Ashley, they should be in UK stores tomorrow.
Rambleon623, I know exactly what your talking about, it's going to be bugging me.

The comic is amazing. It was sort of hard to get use to at first but it gets a lot easier and a lot better. I just loved Xander and Buffy, and I'm dieing to know what happens next!
Joss is an evil, evil man.

The way he set up the ending was just wrong. Have you thinkingin one direction, and then go another. And poor Dawn.

Can't wait 'til the next issue. :)
Cheers Simon. Will haev to visit dodgy local comic book guy (so not as good as the one on The Simpsons) next time im in town.
I got mine a little bit ago and like Charmuse, I've already read it twice. It's thrilling to be in this world again. Sure, it's a little different to approach the Buffyverse via comics rather than via moving images & sound (at least it is different for me), but I'm hardly complaining.

I don't think this first issue is lacking meat on its bones. Joss is very good with establishing the sitch *while* introducing cool developments - see the first five minutes of Serenity, for e.g. Already in this issue there were a couple of twists that gave me delight.

My only complaint? It's a two-parter: (1) a comic book has relatively few pages, and (b) we have to wait another 3-4 weeks for the next installment. Grrr argh.... :)
I went in earlier today but it hadn't arrived yet. He's supposed to call me when the shipment of new comics comes in, but he hasn't yet. Curses!
So, I wasn't the first person in the store and I wasn't standing outside waiting for them to open the door, but I was there early and did get my copy. Yippee. I shouldn't have worried, my store had lots of copies. They ordered more copies than Civil War or Infinite Crisis.

All the previews and hints, just don't compare to the actual issue. Loved it. It was a great set up, had enough background so someone new wouldn't feel lost but not so much to bore the long-time fans, and a cliff-hanger. Buffy's face when she says that she misses her mom, breaks your heart.

Thank you, Joss, for bringing this world and characters back to us. I knew that I missed them, but not how much until I was reading a completely new story and knew that there were lots more to come (at least 30 by last count). I'm hooked - again.
Plenty of copies at my store as well, though most seemed to be picking it up. At first I was asking myself, When did Nick Fury come back to S.H.I.E.L.D.? However, I soon remembered where I was and how great it is to be back in a familiar place after being away for so long.
Before this falls off the front page, I've started a discussion thread here.

I thought it'd be fun for us to have a place to discuss issues as we read them and speculate on what's to come next. Especially since a link here often falls off the front page before everyone has had a chance to read that week's issue - in particular those outside the U.S. who don't get their copies until a day or so after us.
I have devoured my copy and I have to say it's excellent!

It is a comfortable place to be, the Whedonverse.

I'm sooo digging on it. I couldn't be more thrilled that we're back in it.

Thank you.

*smiling while thinking about all the possibilities season 8 could bring us*
Before this falls off the front page, I've started a discussion thread here.

Good stuff. I've posted a new link to Herc's review if anyone wants to continue chatting about it on the front page.

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