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March 14 2007

(SPOILER) Shadow Puppets at Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film. James Marsters' horror thriller Shadow Puppets will be screened at BIFFF on April, 16th.

Cool, a film festival opening. It sounds promising, I'm hoping for a really quality film, rather than a run of the mill "screamer". I really don't know any of the other actors but I've never seen JM give a bad performance. Hope it does well.
Tony Todd has a long career in film and theater. I am looking forward to seeing his performance as well as,of course,seeing James Marsters make a "big screen" debut. I did get to see a preview of this last September and I was favorably impressed. I didn't see enough to really know what was happening but the lighting is an eerie orangey tone and the "impending doom" vibe had me on the edge of my seat.Keeping my fingers crossed that it will get a theatrical release so I can stop wondering what it going to happen in that movie??!!
I just wanna see it!! DVD, theater, I don't care. I have been waiting and waiting to see this movie!! JM just doesn't appear in enough stuff and it's tough to know something is out there with him in it and they won't let you see it!!! I just love him.
I saw clips of it at the Queen Mary con and it looked good.

Jolene Blalock from Enterprise is technically the star I think.
From the Shadow Puppets director who very kindly dropped us a line:

And thanks to all of the fan support, in early summer, there will be some limited theatrical screenings. I don't know all the details yet, but the film will definitely play in Los Angeles. A large dvd release is currently scheduled for the end of summer.

Thank you, Simon, you made my day!!
Ohh Screenings and a DVD release! Excellent news.
Thanks, Simon - It would be nice to get to one of the screenings.
Excellent news! Thanks to Mr Winnick for sending the message and Simon for passing it on.
Oh that is excellent news Simon! I'll totally be there, although I saw the preview and it made me jump and let out a shriek, so I'll be a wreck by the end. But James is worth it.
We wants it, precioussss, yes we do.
Great news! So glad there will be a theatrical release and then finally a DVD to watch to our hearts content.
Well, looks as if I'll be waiting for the DVD. "Limited screenings" don't exactly make it to Hilo.
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