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March 14 2007

Buffy's deadliest moments. The first issue of Buffy season 8 comes out today. So to mark this occasion, here's "the most gut-wrenching moments in Buffy history" (according to Wizard Entertainment).

I question the omission of Tara's death. To me, that's much more heart-wrenching than Dark Willow going all Vader on Warren.
Well that's the beauty of Buffy. We could choose our own lists and each one would differ.
And we'd all be right, too :) Because we each connect with the material in our own ways. Loves it.
Hmmm... the Surprise/Innocence-thing. The fact that Buffy and Angel made with the sex is not as gut-wrenching as Buffy's scene when she comes home after having realised Angel's turn.

She takes off the claddagh ring he gave her and completely collapses in tears on her bed. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I've yet to experience an actor do grief as well as Sarah. That scene is without a doubt one of the most gut-wrenching scenes of the series. (Second only to the end of Becoming Pt. 2)

Also, the scene on the hill at the end of Amends in season 3 ("Am I a thing worth saving? Am I a righteous man?") is also one of the highlights of the series in my opinion.

Otherwise I felt the list was pretty much spot on.

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Tara's death certainly made me want to "throw things at the TV" and I would put Buffy stabbing Faith at the end of Graduation Day I before the scene in Enemies.

I love lists like this. It's so much fun to nod or shake your head in agreement or disagreement over a show with way more than ten deadliest moments.
Also, [wcip]Angel, Buffy collapsing into Willow's lap after Angel calls it off in "The Prom". Saw that ep this weekend--wrenches my gut every time.
One of the most gut-wrenching moments (among many) for me is the scene in s6 in which Buffy is hoping/pleading that Tara has found that Buffy has come back from death "wrong," to explain her obsession with Spike. The anquished, sobbing close of that episode gets to me every time.
I tend to agree that Willow flaying Warren was a bigger OMG! scene than Tara's death, because it represented a moral death in Willow, which I think was much scarier than a literal death. But of course--we can all make our choices :)

The thing about Buffy is that it has too many wrenching moments though. I mean, Cordy and Oz discovering Xander and Willow together just popped into my head, and, wow. I mean, wow. Or D'Hoffryn killing Hallie with Anya standing right there. Or Buffy telling Spike, "You're beneath me." Or Buffy confessing that she was in heaven. Or Faith pounding on Buffy when they had switched bodies, later echoed in the even more powerful scene of Buffy pounding Spike in anger. Or Cordy's death in "The Wish." Or Buffy and Angel reenacting James and Grace. Or the spine-chilling moment where Tara discovers that Willow had mind-wiped her in OMWF. Or the Gentlemen. Or the First-as-Cassie's speech to Willow at the end of CWDP. I could go on....
To add to the list:

1) Angel leaving at the end of the season 3 finale.
2) Xander's "7 years" speech in Potential.
3) Willow's face when she heard Buffy sing that she was in heaven.
4) Riley telling Xander "But she doesn't love me".
5) Spike saying "Hundred forty-seven days yesterday. Uh ... hundred forty-eight today" to Buffy in Afterlife.
6) Anya crying about how she doesn't understand why Joyce died.

Those and many other scenes get to me everytine.
Also, the scene on the hill at the end of Amends in season 3 ("Am I a thing worth saving? Am I a righteous man?") is also one of the highlights of the series in my opinion.

That's a favorite of mine, too.
Also gut-wrenching - the final look between Buffy and Angel at the end of Graduation Day II, then his turning and walking away. Total weeper.

Gut-wrenching not necessarily the same as deadly.
Season Seven, Episode 144
We waited seven long years to journey into the Hellmouth, and in the last-ever “Buffy” episode we finally got our chance!

Um, was that really the first time we'd gone into the hellmouth? Wasn't it inside the hellmouth that she confronted the Master and died?
Mmm... so fun to revisit these incredibly well-done, most-gut-wrenching-est of moments; especially this week. I'm so with you on the Buffy/Tara scene, palehorse. That one gutted me.

Another one that comes to mind -- probably not exactly on theme, but I recall feeling that sickening physical wrench during Enemies -- that split second when we realized in real-time with Faith that Buffy & Angel were playing her. Angel says "Second best." And then everything slows down. /shiver
More moments...

Angelus mocking Buffy for her "performance" in "Innocence"... total sucker punch.

Joyce telling Buffy not to bother coming back if she leaves the house in "Becoming Part II"

Buffy's speech to Johnathan in "Earshot"

Buffy breaking down about Joyce's death in front of Dawn in "Forever"

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Spike laying on the cross after telling Buffy about his newly aquired soul. What a powerful scene.
Wasn't it inside the hellmouth that she confronted the Master and died?

Nah, that was just 'underground' wasn't it barboo?

Not in any order:

1) Giles when he finds the Jenny tableau as laid out by Angelus
2) Buffy's genuinely bewildered hurt during the 'intervention' in 'Empty Places' (not saying it wasn't necessary though)
3) Gotta have Willow when Tara dies. "Tara ? Baby ?" breaks me inside then chucks the bits in a box and gives 'em a good shake.
4) Cassandra's death, despite it all. Not even Buffy can hold back the tide.

And I know it's Buffy's day but ...

5) Buffy crying near the end of "I Will Remember You"
6) Angel coming back from Pylea, happy, giddy even only to see Willow waiting with the news
7) Angel & Spike's "She's an innocent victim", "So were we... once upon a time" moment in 'Damage'.

Some admittedly just powerful not necessarily gut-wrenching.
Oh, good ones, Saje. You just also reminded me of two I missed earlier: 1. The whole "Goodbye to You" montage in S6 when Giles returns to England, Willow crying on the bathroom floor, etc. and 2. Good God, how could we forget the scene between Anya and Xander after the goofiness of the wedding brawl. Her innocent, hopeful optimism that the day was still going to end in their marriage? Ugh. Ouch. Wrench.
Isn't there a rule that there has to be at least one valid nit-pick on each of these kinds of threads? Here is one.

"Drusilla has concocted some twisted schemes. Among her worst was brainwashing Giles into believing she was the dead Jenny Calendar"

Wasn't that Spike's scheme? "Sweetheart, do you want to play a game?"

For my most gut wrenching moments in BtVS I would have to agree with what has already been said.

Buffy walking away after sending Angel to hell and watching her friends continue with their lives.

Buffy crying on the bed after Angelus giving her the brush off.

Almost all of the Body with Anna's speech and Buffy's initial reaction to finding her mother as the most affecting.

Anna's walk down the isle in Hell's Bells.

Giles finding Jenny.

Spike's reaction to Buffy's death in The Gift.

Willow as Oz left.

Almost all the moments when Willow was dealing with Tara's death.

Looking at the list it seems that even though the events themselves are gut-wrenching, the aftermath is what usually really gets to me. In some ways The Body is all aftermath.

Hey, barest_smidgen! I just saw your post on Flicker but have not been able to get there to post congratulations to you and Zeitgeist. I am grinning from ear to ear for you two. Good to have you back.
I'm agreeing with everyone's moments but there's one that always gets me that no-one else has mentioned yet: Giles playing Cream's 'Tales of Brave Ulysses' in Forever. It's such a small, subtle moment but as a huge fan of Band Candy and a very sentimental person it makes me tear up every time.
Spike crying in the alley after Buffy throws the money at him in Fool For Love and destroys him with three little words
" You're Beneath Me"... I physically can't watch that!

Buffy watching her friends then walking away to catch a bus out of Sunnydale after she consigns Angel/us to hell.

Buffy saying to Giles " We're not supposed to touch the body" then her face as what she's just said hits home to her.

I need a hug!
Adding to the great lists already compiled:

Even though it was supposed to be weirdly happy and triumphant and he came back from the dead, Spike's death always gets to me.

Buffy telling Joyce that she would love to be gossiping about boys or even studying than saving the world and then Joyce telling Buffy not to come back if Buffy leaves.

Buffy's telling Spike about being in heaven.

Buffy confessing she doesn't want to die in PG; man, that broke my heart.
Good list, but I'd have to include Buffy and Faith beating the crap out of each other, in each other's bodies ("Stupid...murderous...bitch!"), and also Oz leaving Willow in Wild at Heart.
"You're helping yourself now, fixing things to your liking - including me" ... "I don't think this is going to work" ... "I can't believe I'm saying this" Tara to Willow in Tabula Rasa.
Great memories of wonderful moments - and all on DVD to live over again through the characters. Ted is a favorite of mine for some reasons that I won't go into, but one specifically is Buffy losing her temper (who wouldn't under those circumstances) and sending Ted on a merry sleigh ride down the stairs. I always cheer when I've seen the episode, but then totally relate to the OMGodness of realizing she just killed someone. That only lasts for awhile but still, kicking the shit out of a bully is good and bad and reminds one that losing it is not always the best option.
Yes, Willow's grief after Oz leaves gets me everytime. But I was sold on Buffy with Buffy's line in Prophecy Girl, as referenced by Reddygirl.
Spike's breakdown in The Gift.
And I watched the last 2 episodes of Season 7 last night. I haven't seen them since the show aired because I couldn't bear to admit it was over and while I still had unwatched DVDs... well, I know that many of you know this feeling.
And I cried most of the way through because the show is over. I could only watch because I will get Season 8 today.
The speech that Xander makes to Buffy as Riley is preparing to leave.

I also thought that Doublemeat Palace is the most depressing and wrenching episode in a reality sucks sort of way.
All your suggestions for additions are great ... I was happy to see Simon mention Riley telling Xander that he knows Buffy doesn't love him. I think that's a really great moment for Riley as well as Xander; Xander has that thing where he looks at another character and really "sees" them -- the moment in The Body after Xander punches the wall and Tara just says "It hurts" is another one I really like just for the way Xander looks at Tara afterwards. :)

All the mentions of moments involving Willow turning evil but no one has mentioned her killing the fawn in Bargaining. That really shocked me.

One moment I haven't seen mentioned here that always sends a shiver down my spine is the shot of the disc with the re-ensoulment ritual on it slipping down beside Miss Calendar's desk combined with Buffy's voiceover ("I can't hold on to the past anymore. Angel has gone. Nothing's ever gonna bring him back.") at the end of Passion. It's one of those moments that makes me desperately wish I could reach into the TV and tell the characters what's going on.

I also love the end of Becoming I -- the slow motion shot of Buffy running to the library and finding Kendra has always been one of my favourite scenes. It's another with a great voiceover: "The big moments are gonna come. You can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are." Just ... GAH. Whistler's reply in Becoming II when Buffy tells him she has nothing left to lose is another great one: "Wrong, kid. You got one more thing." *cries*

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2) Xander's "7 years" speech in Potential.
4) Riley telling Xander "But she doesn't love me".
5) Spike saying "Hundred forty-seven days yesterday. Uh ... hundred forty-eight today" to Buffy in Afterlife.
6) Anya crying about how she doesn't understand why Joyce died.

Simon, you rock, as always. I think those scenes tend to be underrated in lieu of the more epic moments from the show. Those scenes with Riley and Anya were what made me really like those characters. And with the exception of "The Zeppo" and "Into The Woods", I never could have appreaciated Xander more than in "Potential".

I'm with Saje on this one, I know it's Buffy Day and all, but a few scenes from Angel just have to qualify:

1) "Five By Five": The ending scene in the alley with Faith and Angel. One of the most heart-wrenching scenes in either series, if you ask me. Not to mention the fact that Eliza Dushku proved herself to be one of the best actresses on the show.

2) "Hero": Doyle just wasn't with us long enough. But even if he had to go, he died a noble death.

3) "A Hole In The World" & "Shells": Once again with the stellar acting. Amy Acker was great as Fred, but she really shined as Illyria. Also cool was the ending scene where Spike and Angel were in the Deeper Well.

4) "Not Fade Away": I won't argue the which series finale was better, this one was my favorite. Everyone got to go out in style (well, maybe not Lorne).

Gee, have I said enough yet? :)
Giles killing Ben

Buffy's wasn't the only sacrifice.
Tara's death is definitely the most gut-wrenching for me, by far.

I'm still grumpy at Joss for killin' off Tara, but then I'm a Willow and Tara fanatic. Most people can't seem to understand us W&T fans, just like most people couldn't "understand half the things Tara said." :)

Oh well. Maybe Joss will make us happy in the end. Who knows?
Just a few that break my heart:

Willow sending Oz away, after he returns.

Cassandra's death that couldn't be stopped.

Anya, in "The Body", and also when wondering if she is really nobody, just "clinging to whatever came along."

Buffy calls, "Mommy!" when Dawn tries to bring Joyce back.

Xander's speech to Dawn when she has realized that she is not a potential, and her reply.

Spike's, "No you don't, but thanks for saying it."
When Dawnie brings Joyce back to life and

Buffy whirls around, no longer crying, smiling hopefully.

BUFFY: Mommy?

I cry like a baby.

ETA: Ah, we posted that at the exact same time! :)

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I also thought that Doublemeat Palace is the most depressing and wrenching episode in a reality sucks sort of way.

Well, it is depressing when a penis-head demon tries to eat you. Very much so.

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That Buffy was going to bite the big one was no surprise: In Season Three’s “Graduation Day Part 2,” rogue vampire slayer Faith cryptically tells Buffy, “Miles to go, little Miss Muffet counting down from 7-3-0.” Little Miss Muffet is a reference to Dawn, the number 730 signifies 730 days between the dream and Buffy’s death, and “Miles to go” is a line taken from Robert Frost’s poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, which centers around death.

Surely, no one at this point in the series would have deduced that Buffy would die based on these clues, right? I'm only now getting the 730 days reference. And I'm still not sure how Little Miss Muffet is code for Dawn. Buffy's death came as a complete shocker to me.
So many powerful moments - I guess that's why we all agree it's such a great show.

But for me, the one that does it absolutely the most, that just totally encapsulates what it feels like to be human and lose something you love, is the moment in "I Only Have Eyes for You" just after Buffy and Angel have finished enacting the James and Grace scene, when Buffy comes to herself, and bewilderedly realizes that she is in Angel's arms, an instant before he does. Her "Angel?" and then the look on her face when he snarls and wrenches away -- sucks my guts out each time.
I totally agree with their number one choice. A bunch of others could get bounced around and shuffled out...

Innocence: "It just means you'd rather be with someone you hate than be with me."

Amends: "Don't expect me to watch, and don't expect me to mourn for you..."

The Gift: "I know you'll never love me. I know that I'm a monster. But you treat me like a man."
This list - and this thread - just reminds me of the many, many gut-wrenching moments on this show. I agree with so many of the additional ones that have been mentioned - Tara's death, Buffy's face when she begs Tara to tell her she came back "wrong," Cordelia and Oz finding Willow and Xander together, Buffy watching her friends before getting on the bus at the end of Season 2, Spike's speech to Buffy in "Afterlife" (especially telling her that he always saved her, in his mind), Buffy's expression when Angel is so cruel to her in that first post-coital encounter... The list can just keep going.

One smaller one that I don't think has been mentioned is Willow sobbing in the bathroom stall - I think it was after she realized Xander had had sex with Faith, though it might have been after she first found Xander and Cordy kissing. Her eyes reduce me to puddles when she's sad.

Also, the end of "Fool for Love" – not just the "you're beneath me" scene that's already been mentioned, but also the final coda, when Spike goes to her house intending to kill her, and ends up awkwardly comforting her instead, gun beside him.

This was a funny, brilliant, witty show, but also - definitely - a gut-wrenching one.

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Mine is Dead Mans Party in season three, at the party when everyone turns on Buffy! That really gets my goat. I can kinda understand why they're pissed at her, but even so...

And the falsest scene is season seven when everyone turns on Buffy and force her to leave the house. That scene never rang true with me.
Love all the choices. The only additional one I can think of right now is towards the end of "Helpless", when Giles wipes the blood from Buffy's forehead, and she lets him.
So many, many, painful moments, it is hard to list them all. Off the top of my head, I would have to add the scene in “Selfless” when Anya is singing, only to suddenly cut to dead silence and Anya impaled by Buffy. Although it didn’t kill her, it kills me, everytime.
Ok, I am probably very dense, but never, in all the times that I agonized over, analyzed to death, and simply loved the moment beyond any in the Buffy-verse (yes, The Gift, is it for me), did I think about Dawn being made from the part of Buffy that wasnt the slayer. And it makes so much sense, that Buffy overcomes her deathwish, that she died as a sacrifice is so powerful, but by saving her innocence, Buffy was doing what she couldnt do with Angelus and Angel. Wow, I never made that connection, and that is so awesome and makes so much sense that Im gonna go kick myself for not thinking of it first.

Great list.
Thanks, newCJ. We're all sorts of happy these days, so it seems it's going to take two weddings to contain it all. Love reading all these posts about such watershed moments in this favorite-ist of all shows during a time when I'm reflecting on how this place and these stories brought z and I together. Kewl. And, whoa. Just saw Pliny's shout-out to that "Selfless" moment. Holy smokes, you ara so right. /adds to the list
Ah, but Mild Mike, then we wouldn't have had the beautiful speech Spike gave Buffy which turned out to be 'the best night of his life'. Can't take that away from him.
The scene at the end of Wrecked when Willow and Buffy are both miserable and fighting their respective issues. Especially Willow in withdrawal. Willow hurt is the worst hurt.

Buffy telling Giles she can't deal with her life's choices and losses in The Gift. I think it hurts more when Buffy is in pain but not crying, sometimes.

And some Xander-hurt: in Hell's Bells, Xander watching his future "self" be mean to Anya. And then later when he tries to apologize but says exactly the wrong things.

Nobody does pain like the Buffy writers. Is there a happy moments list out there? I seem to remember there being an occasional happy moment. You know, to fill in between the heartbreak. ;)
I have always found Andrew's murder of Jonathan fairly painful (especially coming as it does right after Jonathan shows us just how dear he is) - as I do Andrew's sobbing into the Hellmouth afterwards.

There's something about a storytelling smartass having to accept baldfaced reality that just gets me... though of course, it couldn't be because I identify with any of the characters or anything...

The listophile that I am loves this thread - I could make a list telling you why.
DebW- Me too. You guys are killing me here at work.
Gut-wrenching scenes, in no particular order:

-Buffy finds Mom dead.
-Buffy tells Dawn that Mom is dead.
-Angel breaks Buffy's heart with his bewildering and callous behavior the day after their first time.
-Giles finds Jenny dead.
-Willow says a final goodbye to Oz.
-Spike hangs on a cross, after asking Buffy if they can rest now.
-Anya dies.
-Spike makes the "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign fall one last time, Buffy smiles, the series ends.
One smaller one that I don't think has been mentioned is Willow sobbing in the bathroom stall - I think it was after she realized Xander had had sex with Faith, though it might have been after she first found Xander and Cordy kissing.
The stall scene was from Consequences (a rather fab Marti Noxon penned episode) though I think the moment from Innocence when she finds X and C kissing is the most heartrending for me.
Most people can't seem to understand us W&T fans
Okay, pain much? Don't know about you but now I could use a list of funniest/happiest/snarkiest moments. There was funny right? Lots and lots of funny. Just having trouble remembering it right now. Best, I can come up with is Spike having trouble performing then reassuring Willow she is very bitable and Willow's (paraphrasing) "Maybe we can wait awhile and try again," before she bashes him with the lamp.

What do you got?
Personally starting from "I RObot You Jane"'s "We're doomed" dialogue and the expressions afterwards, I cry at every epsiode so I'd be rubbish at compiling a list like this. Or evaluating anyone else's!

ps;redfern, I still say Ben deserved what he got.
Oh, narn, there's so many funnies I almost don't know where to start, and I'll prolly scream and think of my favorites later - but this from "Fear, Itself" is the first one that popped into my head:

GILES: Don't taunt the fear demon.
XANDER: Why, can he hurt me?
GILES: No, it's just tacky.

My favourite snark or laugh-out-loud moments tend to involve Giles, or Xander or Spike or Willow or Harmony or Anya or Oz or Andrew or Dru... it might be easier to list who they don't involve, huh?
Happy moments:

End of Witch, Amy being so happy to be away from her mother's influence. Hmmm, maybe not.

Willow and Tara reconciling in Season 6. Okay, not so much.

Snyder being eaten by the Mayor. Yeah, that one works.
Most of the gut-wrenchers have been listed; however, I'd like to add a few small, tender Buffy-Giles moments. They always played it light, but once in a while their true love and affection would shine through and always bring a tear to my eye:
1. After Giles went after Angelus for killing Jenny and Buffy's rescued him, she hugs him and tells him, "You can't leave me, I can't do this alone."
2. End of Innocence when Buffy and Giles are in the car and he tells her "The only thing you'll get from me is my respect."
3. In Season 6 when Giles first sees Buffy and tells her that he's always thought she's a miracle.
4. All the scenes between them in Helpless - especially when he wipes the blood from her forehead. Yes this was mentioned but it's such a small scene that gets me every.single.time.

Clearly I'm looking for a father figure.
Is it really bad if just reading these lists makes you cry?
Hey! Funny story! You know what I just realised? I need to watch Buffy (start-->finish) again! Wohoo! Can't wait!! :)
All these incredible moments, created by artists who no longer work together and have all gone their separate ways. Yes, the old magic still lives on DVD, but the genie has escaped. There's no more new video magic being made. TV has become dull and lifeless.

Perhaps that's the most gut-wrenching of all. If only we could bring theses folks back together again to make more magic.

Oh well. There's always the comic books. :)
Oh yay!! Another list. Coming in late as usual, gonna post mine before reading any other comments. After which I'm sure I'll re-think my choices .... or most of them .... & just curl up in a corner, whimpering.
The Wizard guy used " ....cry, nail-bite & throw things at the TV". I would add "jaw drop", but that's just me.
Since his number 5 was "Buffy and Angel *finally* do it", I assume I'm not crossing any "no shipping" lines with my personal #1

1) Buffy and Spike *finally* do it, Smashed. Thus my thought about adding the "jaw drop" factor.
2) Angeles kills Jenny, Passion
3) Closing sequence, Becoming pt2 (Buffy leaving Sunnydale). I teared up when she killed Angel, but this made me sob.
4) Dark Willow skins Warrwn, Villians
5) Spike's "death", Chosen
6) Buffy "kills" Faith to save Angel, Graduation Day pt1. Bring on the moral ambiguity!!
7) Willow and Tara's breakup, Tabula Rasa. There were definitely tears.
8) Attempted rape scene, Seeing Red. "Throwing things at the TV" moment, for me. And my personal "jaw drop" catagory, for the acting & directing.
9) End of Fool For Love, Spike comes to kill Buffy, stays to try and comfort her. *sniffle*
10) Xander leaves Anya at the altar, Hells Bells

We need an excuse for a favorrite "laugh out loud" moments list. Mine would be heavy on the "three nerds" moments but my #1 would be from Pangs: "You made a bear!" ... "I didn't mean to" ... Undo it! Undo it!!"
We need an excuse for a favorrite "laugh out loud" moments list. Mine would be heavy on the "three nerds" moments but my #1 would be from Pangs: "You made a bear!" ... "I didn't mean to" ... Undo it! Undo it!!"

Thanks for that. I'm doing homework, and I really needed the laugh. :)
Some Random & Great Moments of the Funny

BUFFY: So. How come Halloween is such a big yawner? I mean, do the
demons just hate how commercial it's become?

. . .

DRUSILLA: Do you know what I miss?... Leeches.


CORDELIA: And if you get me out of this, I swear I'll never be mean to
anyone ever again. Unless they *really* deserve it. Or if it's that time
of the month, in which case I don't think you or anyone else can hold me

WILLOW: Ask for some aspirin.


GILES: I've been, uh, indexing the Watcher diaries covering the last couple of centuries. You would be amazed at how numbingly pompous and long-winded some of these Watchers were.

BUFFY: Color me stunned.


WILLOW: Don't warn the tadpoles!


SPIKE: From the blood of the sire, she shall rise again...
Right, then. Now we just let them come to a simmering boil, and remove to a low flame.


And these are culled from just a few episodes...
The top 5 are pretty dead on for me and their number 1 is my #1. God, Becoming 2, I never saw that coming when it aired. I still ball like a baby. Buffy was so devastated.

I believe someone said it before but Buffy and Angel having sex wasn't the devastating part, it was the aftermath, especially when Buffy realized she was the cause.

I'd add Buffy crying in Willow's lap during the Prom. Gut-wrenching.

A smaller moment that I've always been moved by was during Beauty and the Beasts, when Buffy starts breaking down to her counselor.

The hilltop scene in Amends, it may end hopeful but boy it makes me a wreck.

And another small moment in Tabula Rasa, Buffy's reaction to Giles saying he's leaving and her trying to explain to the gang how she was feeling.
Thanks, QuoterGal, you rock as usual. I posted some funnies earlier but the post didn't take. Here they are.

SNYDER: Summers, you drive like a spaz.


SNYDER: That's the kind of woolly-headed liberal thinking that gets a person eaten. (Ahh, the foreshadowing)


SPIKE: Oh, c'mon, Timmy's down a bloody well!


SPIKE: Cuppa tea, cuppa tea, almost got shagged, cuppa tea.


GILES: Welcome to the nancy-boy tribe.

I feel much better now.

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Re. Funny Moments .... I've been perusing some transcripts & I realized two things. That "Pangs" is hands down my favorite funny ep. I'd have to post almost the entire script, but a couple more favorites:

Anya:"To commemorate a past event, you kill and eat an animal. it's a ritual sccrifice. With pie."

Buffy:"And the thing is, I like my evil like I like my men - evil. You know, straight up black hat tied to the train tracks soon my electro-ray will destroy Metropolos bad. Not all mixed up with guilt and the destruction of an indigenous culture."

Spike's speech about conquering nations "...... That's what conquering nations do. It's what Caesar did, and he's not going around saying 'I came, I conquered, I feel really bad about it'."
Xander:"Maybe it's the syphilis talking, but some of that made sense."

And the entire exchange between Buffy, Willow and Giles, confusing atrocities with frozen peas. Which also brings to mind the fact that this was a cast that could do dead-pan ensemble comedy as well as any group of actors on the planet.
*Misses BtS so much I could cry.*

Oh, the other thing I realized is that it's almost impossible to post "favorite funny moments" in anything resembling a short form, because almost all of them involved great dialog, which often loses a lot if it's out of context. Examples:

>The entire "impotent vampire" sequence between Willow & Spike, The Inititave
>The entire sequence in Spike's crypt from Crush, from the point where Buffy wakes up to find herself in chains and Dru tied to a post, through Harmony's exit .... (pointing to her ass)"and you can say goodbye to *this*"
*Sigh* Will there ever again be anything this unique on TV?
Oh yes, thinking of the funnies helps a lot. Since I'm from California (and I just watched Season 1 again), I have to add The Master:
"Whaddaya think, about a 3.5?"
"... We're gonna need a bigger boat."

"It could be witches! Some evil witches!
Which is ridiculous 'cause witches they were persecuted Wicca good and love the Earth and Women Power and I'llbeoverhere."

"Bear! You made a bear!"

"Xander, please don't speak Latin in front of the books."
My most heart-breaking moment has to be from the episode Joyce died. Anya. Fruit punch. It breaks my heart to think about it.

On the funny, because it's needed, one of the bits that always sticks in my mind is from Fear, Itself:

Giles: Oh, bloody hell, the inscription!
Buffy: What?
Giles: I should have translated the Gaelic inscription under the image of Gachnar.
Buffy: What's it say?
Giles: 'Actual size.'
Why, why, why do I *always* miss the funnest threads and come wandering along way after everyone else has said their piece? Am I doomed to forever be the, 'Hey, me too! Me too!' kid? Bah.


And of course I cannot help but join in, no matter how redundant this may now be.

I'd say for me there are the Big Three:

Buffy kills Angel
Buffy swan dives in 'The Gift'
The first act of 'The Body'

Which are ably supplemented by the many, many little whammy moments, most of which have been superbly noted above. My own would be:

- Buffy finding Kendra.
Jesus, shivers every time. The slo-mo with her (admittedly rather ugly) coat flying out behind her and the eerie voiceover about big moments and consequences. I think that was a turning point for me in terms of realising what the show was trying to say.

- Buffy leaving after the fight with her mother in 'Becoming.'
In her attempts to convince her Mum that she's the Slayer, she says something like, 'How many times have you washed the blood out of my clothes and still not figured it out?' There was a real rawness to that line that shook me, made me think about the intimacy of a parents r'ship with a child and what Buffy was giving up by leaving.

- Willow crying in the toilets during 'Consequences.'
As noted by a few. Dude, show me a girl out there who could not identify with that! And I just loved that even with everything that has passed between W and X, and all the dire things happening around them with Faith and etc, they still gave Willow time for that moment of heartbreak. (FWIW there's a similar moment with Inara in 'Heart of Gold'. *sniff* It's the only thing I really like about that ep of Firefly.)

-SNAP! The Master breaks Buffy's neck.
Holy crap. That freaked me out. And it's really hammered home by the following dialogue:

Anya: You trusting fool! How do you know the other world is any better than this?

Giles: Because it has to be.


I dont wanna post funny ones now. I'm enjoying the wallow.
'The Wish' always gets to me. I don't know why, exactly, but that slowmo alternate reality scene just does it every time.

I too have the love for the Buffy-Giles relationship, and this is one of my favorites, from 'Lie to Me' (the song itself makes me tear up):
"Yes, it's terribly simple. The good guys are always stalwart and true, the bad guys are easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats, and, uh, we always defeat them and save the day. No one ever dies, and everybody lives happily ever after."

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"Liar" ;). Yep, that's a great moment. Part of her wants to stay a child but she knows she just can't, those days are gone, time to put away childish things.


mentioned on another thread but Giles/Spike: "We few, we happy few...", "...we band of buggered" just makes me smile every time.

Xander: "Party in my eye socket and everyone's invited ! ... Sometimes I shouldn't say words"

Giles: "Have you seen my mask ? Isn't it lovely, it raises the dead ... Americans"

Willow/Tara: "I am so a Wiz !", "If ever a Wiz there was !"

Spike (in 'Chosen'): "Oh, bollocks" (cos it's just so apt ;)

Xander's 'Oxnard' story is funny too, Nick Brendon's cadence, tone, face, everything is just perfect (and it's followed by his 'hero' speech to Buffy so it's funny/sweet, one of the best combos)

Must be loads more, nearly every episode has at least one laugh in it ...
The one moment that will crack me up everytime I see it is the scene from "Hush" in the auditorium.

Xander misunderstanding Willow and mouthing the word "boobies" followed by Buffy's "staking" gesture was just some great slapstick.
I'd have put The Body at the top of the list. I think it's the single greatest piece of television I've ever seen. I don't think any one has mentioned this scene, but Willow and the blue t-shirt is just so ... (well I'm crying now so apparently there aren't words for it). That scene, the first time I saw the episode, was what let me start grieving for my Mum.

Funniest moment? I love the 'Actual size' moment too, but
'How you been?'
'Rat. How you been?'
and it's Angel counterpart,
'How you been?'
'Higher Power. How you been?'
'Ultimate evil'
do tickle me everytime.
Ooh, funny moments! In Life Serial, the Geek Trio fighting over James Bond ("Timothy Dalton should get an Oscar and BEAT SEAN CONNERY OVER THE HEAD WITH IT!!!"). Already mentioned, but Snyder's "Whoa, Summers! You drive like a spaz!" kills me every time. It's the way he says it. :) Band Candy is all around great. Another moment from season 3: when Buffy confronts Cordy about paying people to vote for her in Homecoming --

Cordy: Is that any more tacky than your faux "I'm shy but deep" campaign posters?
Buffy: Yes.

I would also mention a couple of moments from some in my opinion rather underrated season 4 episodes -- the entirety of Living Conditions is absolutely hilarious, for one. I also love the moment in Beer Bad when Cave Buffy whacks Parker over the head and they all just stand there looking at him. "The representative from syphilis votes yea" in Pangs cracks me up. But I think Buffy and Spike being engaged in Something Blue might be my favourite funny thing. :)

Yesterday I somehow forgot to mention one of the sad moments that always gets to me, and I don't think anyone else has brought it up either: the ending of Tough Love. I remember the first time I watched it just sobbing at the sight of Willow feeding Tara. Then a few seconds later Glory finds them and Tara reveals Dawn's identity ... it really is like a punch to the gut.

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Two of my favorite funny moments off the top of my head (there are far too many to mention them all):

Willow in "dopplegangland" – I'm a blood-sucking demon! Look at my outfit!

And Spike, getting his mojo back at the end of "Doomed":
"What's this? Sitting around watching the telly while there's evil still afoot. That's not very industrious of you. I say we go out there and kick a little demon ass! What, can't go without your Buffy, is that it? Too chicken? Let's find her! She is the Chosen One after all. Come on! Vampires! Grrr! Nasty! Let's annihilate them. For justice... and for... the safety of puppies... and Christmas, right? Let's fight that evil! Let's kill something! Oh, come on!"
Mythtaken, I don't think anyone can be late to this particular thread.

All of "Life Serial" cracks me up. The evil trio decorating the van, the squabbling over Bond actors, the evil lint, retail from hell, and best of all: kitten poker.

Xander: Hey, I happen to be....
Spike: ... a glorified bricklayer?
Xander: I'm also a swell bowler.
Anya: Has his own shoes!
Spike: The gods themselves do tremble.

I love humor during dark moments, which pretty much explains why I love this tv show/comic/future mime performance.
It wasn't about what Ben deserved - it was about what Giles had to do to him. Giles was the one who made the sacrifice - using his hands to kill a human being.
Especially since Giles didn't know that Ben was evil apart from his Glory side, i.e. that he had agreed to sell out Dawn, not to mention the entire human race by letting Glory go ahead with the sacrifice (for the record I never quite understood the logic of that one since he had to BELIEVE that Glory would honor her word to him about giving him a separate existance, and nothing about Glory suggested that she was exactly reliable, whereas if he just waited her out until the moment for the sacrifice had passed, he would at least have been guaranteed his continued existance on Earth), or that he was the one who summoned the Quester demon as his way of "cleaning up" Glory's messes.

If anyone wanted to start a list of great plot twist, NEVER saw that coming moments in the Buffyverse, when Ben turns into Glory was one of the best ever.

(And yes, for those about to ask, Ben and Glory were connected).
Not one of the tragic moments, but one that literally made my stomach twist the first-half dozen times I saw it (because I could never remember it was coming) was the reveal that Dr. Walsh was watching Riley and Buffy in his room on video. Creeepy.
"for the record I never quite understood the logic of that one since he had to BELIEVE that Glory would honor her word to him about giving him a separate existance, and nothing about Glory suggested that she was exactly reliable, whereas if he just waited her out until the moment for the sacrifice had passed, he would at least have been guaranteed his continued existance on Earth"

I thought that by the point he and Glory made that deal, they had begun to bleed into each other, had started remembering things when the other was in control, influencing each other etc. So I always figured that that was the reason he backed Glory. She either looked unbeatable once he could remember what it was like to be her, or he liked what it felt like to be that powerful, or she just had enough influence to convince his weaker side. There is an awful lot of room for interpretation of all kinds, though.

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