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March 14 2007

Angel on Colbert. The Colbert Report pictured a picture of the vampire with a soul during the skit: A-Pop-Calypse 300.

It makes sense that the smartest people know who Angel is! :)
That made me about the happiest person in the world (at least for those thirty seconds?) I love when something I love is referenced by another something I love.
I saw that last night but was too tired to get up and post about the sighting.

Stephen was referencing a recent young adult vampire novel, but I can't remember the title.
I was so happy when I saw that last night, haha.

The book is called New Moon, and you can find it here.
Plus Colbert has become the new Captain America now...
When it came on the T.V. I was freaking out because I love Colbert and that picture of Angel. God it was awesome. I looked for the video all night to post it, but Comedy Central takes forever, so I did it this morning.

The picture is from season 3 right? Episode 17, Enemies? When Faith tries to turn Angel evil for the Mayor. I could be completely wrong. It has happened once or twice before!
OK. The link doesn't go directly to the video on MotherLoad, but I found the path.

Click 'Daily Show-Colbert', then 'Colbert Report' then 'Colbert Report: Colbert on Pop Culture', then "A-Pop-Calypse: 300'

Whew! But well worth it.
Here's a direct link to the Windows Media Player version. (It won't play in Firefox for me (maybe I'm missing a plugin?), but it works fine in IE.)
The link went directly to the video for me. And I bookmarked the page,a million thanks for that link, Snoogins. I never miss The Daily Show/The Colbert Report but yesterday my satellite reception was out due to thunderstorms. I am as we speak recording the re-run.
IMO, Stephen & Jon sit at the right and left hand of Joss. In that configuration, of course.
Hope I caught my bad before anyone read it. I was confusing Enemies, season 3 BtS, with Five By Five/Sanctuary, AtS.

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Glad to help!
I *heart* Stephen Colbert.

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